How to paint tiles in kitchen
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How to paint tiles in kitchen? Step by step guideline

Renew the decoration of your home easily and quickly, without having to do works. Over time, the tiles in the kitchen or bathroom end up spoiling or getting tired. One of the main recommendations in this regard is to choose neutral colors, acrylic paint, and without drawings. So that they do not go out of fashion with time. However, we have found the definitive solution to change them without having to carry out work. Discover how to paint tiles in kitchen in the sector. It is a simple process, and you can do it yourself at home.

How to paint tiles in kitchen in five easy steps

How to paint tiles in kitchen

First step:

Before painting the tiles, we must make sure they are clean. To remove grease and dust from the wall, you will only need water, soap, and a scouring pad. First, we must clean the tiles of the kitchen well with soap and water.

Second step:

To avoid staining the edges of the wall, we will cover them with masking tape. For the rest of the countertop and the floor, we will use a plastic that we will also fix with this tape. In this way, we will avoid any paint stain that ends up turning our task into a disaster of a difficult solution.

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Third step:

With the help of a palette, we will apply a layer of fixing primer on the joints. Then, with the help of a short hair roller, we will apply the product to the rest of the tiles. This way, we will achieve that the paint adheres better to the tiles ceramic. Now, we will let dry the hours showed by the manufacturer. Will achieve that the paint adheres better to the tiles ceramic. We will let dry the hours indicated by the manufacturer.

Fourth step:

After the corresponding time specified by the product so that the fixing base dries, we will apply a layer of special paint for tiles. This painting stands out for being an exceptional repellent against dust, grease, and water. Therefore, it is ideal for our kitchen.

Tile paint repels dust, grease, and water, and you can find it at any DIY store. As with the fixing base, we will let the paint dry out for the time shown by the manufacturer, and we will apply a second coat.

Fifth step:

Once it has dried, we will remove the plastics and the bodybuilder’s tape. In this simple way, we will have new tiles in a few hours without having to do works and spend a fortune.

Tips for painting tiles

Several thin layers are better than one thick: Do not try to finish in one hand, the result will be much better by applying two layers with less paint than a single thick one. If you give a coat of paint too abundant, may appear marks and chord tones.

Wait for the drying times indicated by the manufacturer: The rush is not good if you need to give several hands, wait for the time indicated on the can before continuing.

Use paint mask: This type of paint is very strong and smell very intense if you do not want to end up dizzy use a mask. If possible, open the windows to ventilate while painting.

Use roller: Painting with the roller will make you spend less than a painting by brush. Also, the surface will be much smoother. Do not think about the price of the roller, in the first hand you have already amortized it, also think that you will see this wall for many years and you want the finish to be perfect.

Cover as much as you can in the room: Tile paint is super resistant and therefore difficult to clean, cover everything you can so it does not stain.


Remove paint residues with solvent. If everything still stains, you can clean the paint with solvent, better if the paint is still wet. Otherwise, it may touch you with the spatula.

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