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How to Plan the Perfect Christmas Menu in Your Pub

Christmas is the best time of year for pub landlords. Festive revellers and people who don’t usually go to the local pub are more likely to want to be coming in to eat, drink and be merry! To make the most of the Christmas Season, it is a great idea to offer a festive menu. Not only regulars, but groups and companies seeking a Christmas party and a bit of Christmas spirit head over to pubs in the run up to Christmas.

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The best way to get the attention of people looking for a Christmas party, is to offer a festive menu. It doesn’t have to be just a traditional turkey and trimmings option either. Many people feel that as they are having that on Christmas day, they want something a little different when they go out to eat. Beef wellington, game pie and lamb shank are all traditional hearty winter warmers that are a bit special and are great on a Christmas menu.

It is also important to remember that vegetarians should be catered for and vegans – the number of people eating a meat free diet is on the increase, so it is worth making sure that they are well catered for. A traditional nut roast, a goat’s cheese tart and hearty pasta dishes are all a popular choice. Do some research and look into recipes to help you to come up with your perfect menu.

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It is also worth paying attention to smaller details that make it special – and which people will remember and spread good reviews about your establishment! Christmas crackers, festive napkins and tables decorated with candles and Christmas greenery all go down well.

Make sure that you are well stocked up. If you are offering a meal package (a starter, a main and a dessert for a set price) you may want to include a drink option as well. A bottle of wine, or a Christmas cocktail are great for making it even more special. Make sure you are well prepared for everything from post mix equipment FROM to making sure you have plenty of beer to hand – you don’t want to run out on a Christmas party night!

Preparation and planning is the key to a successful Christmas party season – but if you put in the effort now, you will be reaping the rewards!


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