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How to prevent a TV tipover around small children

Children are automatically drawn to cartoons and other kid-friendly entertainment shows, but many parents express concern about their screen time. However, televisions can pose an even more serious risk to children.

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Watch out for falling TVs

Televisions falling over injure thousands of children each year. Children under the age of five are at the greatest risk. Young children are attracted to the sounds and pictures being emitted from the screens, and they often attempt to move closer to the monitor – even if it involves climbing. Older children are heavy users of gaming controls, and there are occasions when a young person is moving around with exuberance and he or she crashes into the monitor, resulting in a tip-over.

Homes these days have several television sets. When new models are purchased, the older ones often end up in bedrooms for the sole use of children. A common hazard is placing televisions on furniture that is not created for the weight. A set placed on top of a wardrobe or a chest of drawers is definitely not safe. When a child pulls out a drawer, the centre of gravity shifts, resulting in a potentially deadly situation.

All television sets in the home should be anchored; another viable option for flat-screen TVs is to erect wall mounts. Various television anchoring products are available on the market, and if you require an aerial service, TV aerial installation Swansea can assist. TV Aerial Installation Swansea can also fix wall mounts and ensure cables are tidy to minimise hazards.

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More green time, less screen time

According to the Vancouver Sun, a report released on Cyber Monday by Nature Canada is asking parents to give their children “more green time, less screen time.”

If a TV stand is required, experts recommend using an appropriate structure that is specifically designed to support the weight of the set. The television should rest on a sturdy base, and it should be pushed back as far as it can go to ensure small hands are kept well away. Even if you are using the right stand for the television, it should be safely anchored. A good tip is to avoid putting toys or remote controls on top of the monitor that could pique the interest of a child.


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