How to save money weekly

How to save money weekly? The challenge of 52 weeks of savings

When we depend on a budget, every penny can be important to savings daily. In times of crisis, it is essential to stretch the cost for 52-week money challenge. Each person can perform the calculations based on the currency used, whether the euro, the dollar, the ruble or the franc. Here, we’ll show how to save money weekly.

In the same way, we can use different multiples, using coins of 2 units, of 3, of 5 … etc. Being able to adapt to the savings of all kinds of people, without taking into account their financial starting point.

How to save money weekly?

How to save money weekly

A good meal does not have to be caviar, with champagne and gourmet products; if the food is fresh and tasty, they can add pleasure to the tighter budget. To buy seasonal fruits and vegetables is not only healthier but also saves money. We can also reduce the cost of the purchase with other tricks …

Avoid the purchase of sauces and dressings

With a base of fresh herbs, olive oil, vinegar, yogurt, lemon. You can make all kinds of tasty dressings, and they come out much cheaper. Visit the butcher, fishmonger or supermarket at the last minute, especially on Saturdays. You may not find the type of fish or meat cut that you like best, but it’s a good time to experiment with new ingredients and many stores lower the prices of their perishable products before closing. Buy wholesale non-perishable foods. Preserves, oil, vinegar, pasta, sugar, legumes, herbs, pasta …

Take advantage of offers

For example, if we see a box of very cheap tomatoes, it is best to buy it and prepare several cans of ketchup that we can freeze for later use. Learning to take advantage of leftovers. With the leftovers, we can sometimes prepare soups, risottos, pasta sauces … Throwing the food is throwing away the money, with the leftovers of the stew we can make croquettes, old clothes.


Take advantage of all the possible parts of the food. The bones and shell of a roasted chicken serve as the basis of a chicken broth. If we boil them in water with a couple of onions, carrots, celery, and lemon we have a food that serves to make rice the next day, a risotto, a stew or a soup.

Grow some herbs and vegetables in the garden or pots; Fresh and tasty foods are obtained at virtually zero cost. Buy white label products instead of those of well-known brands and look at several sites before buying.

Search stores and shelves with offers

They usually find foods in perfect condition but they are close to the expiration date, so they want to sell them as soon as possible. While we use the product soon, we will not notice the difference between the offer and the one that is not. In some cases, the expiration date may be indicative. Choose cheap recipes to do during the week.

Pasta, rice, potatoes, you can make a lot of very tasty and satisfying recipes with cheap ingredients to eat during the week and give yourself a treat on weekends taking advantage that you have more time to enjoy meals.

The 52-week method

52-week method

This trick is designed to save a considerable amount of money in the 52 weeks that you have a year. Generally, people who are dedicated to saving through this trick, usually spend the money saved for a vacation.

Maybe you prefer to use it for something else more important, such as paying your children’s tuition, reducing the mortgage fee, or those aspects that you consider appropriate.

The system is based on saving a coin in the first week of the year. Two coins the second week. Three coins the third week … When we reach week 52, we will have saved a total of 1378 coins.

This trick is quite simple and is especially indicated for those people who find it difficult to save, and who are not constant. It is convenient to add a reminder on the mobile phone, or some weekly signal that reminds us to save the coins they touch.

The good thing about this trick is that the first few weeks cost nothing to start it. It seems very simple, and we do not seem to make any extra effort. Perhaps, the last weeks are those in which it costs more to save, nevertheless, to be so close to the final goal, the motivation is usually quite high, and our mind already begins to glimpse the vacations.

The 4-week method

4-week method

A new tip that will allow us to save a considerable amount of money per month is the daily savings trick of 4 weeks or 30 days.

The system consists of saving a coin on day 1.2 coins on day 2.3 coins on day three … Until we reach day 31, in which we will save 31 coins. Once the month is over the total amount that we will have saved amounts to 465 coins.

It is one of the methods to save quick money that works best. By tracking day by day, it is easier to realize what our strengths are and what our weaknesses are. If the currency we choose to save is too large, we may realize that we were wrong in the middle of the month. Nothing happens, the next month we start with a smaller coin.

The goal is not so much to save an established amount, but to realize what our limits are and to learn the best way to save according to our needs.

Keeping a daily follow up in a notebook or on a computer spreadsheet will allow us to know our capacity and adjust it for the following month.

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