How to set up a cleaning business

How to set up a cleaning business with low investment (10 Ideas)

If you want to start a cleaning business with little investment, below we will advise how to set up a cleaning business and some more profitable business ideas. So, you can start in any countries wherever you want. The vast majority of these types of businesses will allow you to operate part-time or full-time. Therefore, there will always be a margin to expand at any time.

In general, the cleaning industry mainly attracts domestic and commercial consumers. Although, I recommend focusing on a more specific niche.

10 ideas on how to set up a cleaning business

Cleaning of air ducts

1. Cleaning of air ducts

The air duct cleaning business attracts both domestic and commercial customers. The business is about cleaning the air conditioning duct. However, the business requires an initial investment in the purchase of specific equipment.

Carpet cleaning

2. Carpet cleaning

This is a lucrative cleaning business that can start with a very small initial capital investment. The business is to pick up the dirty carpets from the client’s house and deliver them within the time after the washing and repair.

Computer cleaning

3. Computer cleaning

In this business, he usually puts his emphasis on commercial clients. Companies that handle a large number of computers always hire professional providers of computer cleaning services. Keeping your client satisfied with quality work is the main aspect to achieve success in this business.

Dry cleaning service

4. Dry cleaning service

Dry cleaning or laundry service is an evergreen cleaning business in the industry. However, determine the size of your business and the regional area carefully. You must procure the correct washing machine and other equipment.

Graffiti cleaning

5. Graffiti cleaning

The graffiti removal business does not require any work experience or specific skill. In addition, you can start the business with very small capital investment. As your business grows, you can buy equipment from your business profits. Try to provide customers with a monthly graffiti removal option in which, for a fixed monthly fee.

House maintenance

6. House maintenance

Cleaning or cleaning service is comparatively an easy business to start. However, you must select your equipment with care. It is advisable to start with a small configuration. Identify what kind of service your customers are especially looking for.

Cleaning of grass

7. Cleaning of grass

Lawn cleaning is another good business to start in the cleaning industry. The owners of the wide variety of consumers of this business. In addition, if you have the skill, you can offer lawn care services. Before, the beginning do a little market research. Determine your target audience and get the right equipment and tools.

Car wash at home

8. Car wash at home

The car wash home business can start with very low capital investment. Like any other cleaning company, here you can get a number of permanent customers. However, touch your local market first.

Office cleaning

9. Office cleaning

Almost all commercial places hire professional cleaning service providers. In addition, you can have the contract for a certain period of time.

Window cleaning

10. Window cleaning

Window cleaning business demands specific skill of window cleaning. Window cleaning services can be offered to both domestic and commercial consumers.

Any of the cleaning business ideas mentioned above is easy to start. However, a successful long-term cleaning business demands a serious commitment to customer service.

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