how to sit in a gaming chair
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How to Sit in a Gaming Chair? Tips That You’ve Never Heard

The long days in front of a console or computer playing force to maintain a correct body posture to avoid injuries. How to sit in a gaming chair? Ergonomics is essential for our health. After a while, the body posture is no longer adequate and we begin to build up tension in different areas of our body. The result can be various injuries such as contractures, pain in the cervical area or tennis elbow.

How to sit in a gaming chair?

Here are some tips to get the correct position in the gaming chair.

Distance and position to the monitor or TV

Ideally, place the screen centered to our eyes, between 50 and 60 centimeters from the face. If you use a console, we recommend sitting 1.5 to 2 meters from the television, centered on the screen and that is at the level of our eyes. Having a chair with height adjustment will help us in this task.

Keyboard position

The keyboard should be placed at the same height as the elbows and if we use the console control, our chair should have armrests. Make sure the shoulders are relaxed and the hands and wrists are straight. We should always have our arms attached to the body and supported the elbows on the armrests.

how to sit in a gaming chair

Proper back position

The body should remain almost straight in a position between 100º and 110 degrees. Both the upper and lower back should have a comfortable backrest. The chair should allow you to change your posture and adjust your back, do it to avoid accumulating tension in a specific and lifting area and stretch yourself from time to time. Rest your back firmly against the back of the seat: try to support your lower back and shoulders well.

Feet always on the floor

Keeping both feet on the floor, with your knees slightly below your hips, you will avoid any back problems. It is good to use a foot lift. Use a chair low enough. In this way, the feet rest on the floor completely or adjustable in height.

Take a break after 2 hrs

You have to get up every 40 or 50 minutes, stretch your legs and drink water during the game with a console or using a computer in our workday. This will make us better and less tired. The gesture needs to be changed for at least one minute after continuous work. You can get up to change gestures. Although it is not possible to break for 20 minutes, you must take half an hour. It cannot work continuously for more than half an hour.

What are the options?

If you do not have the opportunity to buy or make a chair, you can use a small cushion. You can work in the correct posture by placing the cushion on the lower back and the empty part between the chairs.

Many put extra backrest on the chair. This is not so effective. Again, sometimes it is a little useful in the back, but using it increases the risk of neck pain.

At last, the upper part of our waist is naturally bent slightly forward. When sitting in straight chairs, this section is hampered by this, because the chair has no connection with this part when sitting on the chair. This way, if sitting for long periods of time, it can cause a waistline. So, sit properly and stay away from back pain.

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