How to soften feet home remedy

How to soften feet home remedy

If you want these moisturizing treatments to soften your heels are really effective is very important to be consistent with your application and use them throughout the year. We share how to soften feet home remedy.

Are your heels full of cracks? Do not you know how to hydrate them? This is a fairly common problem that, due to ignorance and lack of attention to this part of our body, may end up being much more than a mere aesthetic issue. Today you will discover 3 moisturizing treatments to soften your heels effectively.

When the heels have cracks, the skin becomes very hard and rough to the touch. In the most serious cases, when this is not resolved, the heel can hurt and even bleed. Therefore, it is important to find a solution as soon as possible, since there is a great risk of getting an infection.

Moisturizing treatments how to soften feet home remedy

The heels: a very assaulted part of our body to which we must hydrate.

There are some moisturizing treatments to soften your heels that we recommend to always do before going to sleep. In this way, the foot can absorb the treatment without any problem and, besides, it will be much less cumbersome for us.

It is important to carry out this type of moisturizing treatments to soften your heels every day, if possible. In case this is not the case, we should try to do it every other day.

In addition, you can choose the treatment that best suits you. Let’s see what they are:

1.Foot cream and plasticHow to soften feet home remedy

This first of the moisturizing treatments to soften your heels is an idea of William Romero, a well-known dermatologist.

In the digital newspaper  Emol, he claimed that the problem of cracked heels is not something that appears suddenly. It is usually discovered in summer, although during the winter it is already present, it goes unnoticed.

Your best advice is to use any cream intended for the feet, cover the heel area abundantly and cover with plastic .

We will sleep like that throughout the night and, the next morning, we will wash the feet to discover them much softer and hydrated.

Romero discourages the use of socks for this treatment since it will absorb part of the cream and will not help it penetrate better into the skin.

2. Honey treatmentHow to soften feet home remedy

This second of the moisturizing treatments to soften your heels can be very good to carry out before the one we have already mentioned.

This way we will prepare the skin and we will strengthen the effects that these two remedies will have. To do it, we will only need honey and a bucket of warm water.

We will add a cup of honey in a bucket of warm water. The more natural the honey, the better.

We will immerse the feet for an average of 15 or 20 minutes, and we will take advantage of a gentle massage.

After that time, we will use a pumice stone or other appropriate element to gently scrape the heels.

After this process, we will dry the feet well and we can apply the cream of the previous treatment. This is how to soften feet home remedy.

3. Use of oilsHow to soften feet home remedy

The treatment with oils will provide extra hydration to our heels.

The use of oils is very widespread since they have different purposes. They are very moisturizing and can come in handy to treat cracked heels.

In addition, in some cases, they are much more convenient to apply and less cumbersome than the treatments already mentioned.

We can use the oil that we like the most, whether it’s olive oil or coconut oil. We will apply them with a gentle massage until the foot absorbs it and we can continue with our day without major problems.

The positive of the oils is that we can apply them when we feel discomfort and notice relief instantly.

Also, we can smear our feet with them during the night, put them a plastic as recommended by William Romero and let them rest until the next day.

With this treatment, added to the previous ones, we will be able to finish with the cracks in our feet if we perform them periodically.

Also, if you tend to suffer from cracked heels, it is best to prevent it by using the oils or by giving them a bath, from time to time, with honey.

People who suffer from obesity, who have been diagnosed with diabetes or who have some vascular insufficiency may end up suffering pressure ulcers. For this reason, pay attention to the heels and take care of them will avoid major problems over time.

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