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How to start terrace gardening? 20 design and styles

Plants have always been an element with a power that goes beyond simple decoration. There are many benefits of plants in a home. So, it is normal that many homeowners with terraces or balconies, want to take advantage of these outdoor spaces to create a small or large garden in it. But to enjoy a garden on a balcony or terrace, you need previous inspiration, ideas, and advice. So that, everything goes well. Just what we bring in this article. Are you looking for how to make a garden on your terrace or balcony? Join me then.

How to start terrace gardening?

Let’s start with ideas and inspiration. Then the councils will come, if they interest you, of course. Asian-inspired with wood and stones. No matter how small it is, if it is structured and planned well, you can achieve a wonder like the one we just saw.

It is not necessary to build anything. Add pots, plants and distribute them.

Take advantage of the laterals to put fine planters in which to add small trees such as pines or firs. It is a nice way to decorate the terrace.

The railing of the terrace or the balcony can also serve as a vine for plants of this type. It is a perfect solution for small terraces.

No matter the meters, it matters the determination and desire that you have to have a garden on the terrace or balcony.

If you want to keep the floor clear to add other appliances, the walls also serve to create a garden, even if it is vertical.

Wood and plants always combine marvelously.

If you have some climbing plants, you can make a structure to guide them and when they cover it, they always give you a great shade.

Add artificial turf to create a greater garden feeling on the terrace.

The stones are another element that work wonders in the gardens. Consider this option if you do not like wood.

Create a planter with brick, as a wall on the perimeter of the terrace to introduce the plants there.

Or do nothing. Simply use the existing elements such as the railing, exterior walls, and other elements to flood them with beautiful flowers.

You can also create an urban garden instead of just a garden. Here you can see 5 options to have an urban garden at home.

If you do not have space, you can always use hanging elements to create your own garden.

Do not forget the walls.

You can also take advantage of many recycled items such as old wooden boxes and old furniture such as planters.

If you ride it well, and plan it properly, as you see, even an outdoor sculpture you can add. Discover these small tables for balconies and terraces.

If you prefer to leave the floor clear but still want a good garden on the terrace, take advantage of the entire wall to create a structure with wooden pallets and thus be able to plant and enjoy your garden.

The bamboo together with the wood is perfect allies for a beautiful garden.

Trees in old jars, wooden floor, a beautiful bench … What can be done with a little style, right?

Tips to create a garden on the terrace

Start by adding small and few plants

As you know, gardening is a long-term job, the same thing happens on the balcony or terrace, even if it’s just a pot. If you start to put different plants in abundance, when they grow, you will have space, neither for you nor for the plants. Start with small and small, and see adding space and time you have to dedicate to your garden, as the plants require practically constant care. If you see that everything is going well, then, go ahead, keep adding plants and flowers.

Try or prioritize evergreen plants

They are easier to take care of and the garden on the balcony will always look good. Beware of colors. We all like a beautiful garden with beautiful colorful flowers. It gives joy to the soul, there is no doubt. But a bad color scheme can create a negative effect on how you or the rest perceive the garden. If you are going to start small, start with a maximum of 3 colors for the flowers. And if these colors combine much better. Do not think that 3 colors are few, because each color has its nuances and tones, thus multiplying the 3 initial colors by many more.

Choose pots or large containers

Within the possibilities offered by your terrace or balcony as far as space is concerned, the bigger the pots or containers where you are going to put the plants, the better. The larger, more land fits, that is, more soil for the plant. What will make it grow better and healthier?

To create a certain harmony, when you have many plants or containers, you usually cover the top of the pot with some natural ornament, such as river stones or pieces of wood, for example. This creates a harmonic uniformity that always looks good.

Think about your long-term care

If you plan to set up a good garden on the terrace, you probably want to create a point to plug in a hose. It is not the same to water with a planter a couple of pots, then a garden, however small it may be. You can also consider building an irrigation system. In general, if they are well assembled, water is saved with them, while the plants always have the optimum amount of water they need.

Now I would like you to tell me, what tips or tricks you apply so that your garden on the balcony or terrace always looks good. I read you in the comments.

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