How to use Snapchat for business
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How to use Snapchat for business?

I’m sure you’ve already heard about Snapchat. If not, I recommend you leave the cavern where you are living to find out about one of the most expansive applications of recent years. Do you know how to use Snapchat for business? Then open your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and take a look at the screenshots of the application that are being shared every day. Either to play with the mounts that are updated daily or even with the Geofilters that are changing the development of the business.

But, it’s clear that Snapchat is not just that. The app has been evolving drastically, and today it is a fertile ground for any company that wants to be closer to its customers, creating differentiated contents that are light and of fast consumption. And the best: without spending anything!

How to use Snapchat for business?

How to use Snapchat for business

The application also has more than 100 million active users daily, with a brand of 10 billion video views every day. Your business can not ignore that data, right?

First of all, you have to download the application on your smartphone. Remember that the application is only available for iOS and Android so far. Then, register your user using the e-mail and a password. No personal passwords!

It is valid to share the use of the application with your marketing team, just remember to choose that is perfect for the use of multiple users at work.

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Then, you must add a photo for your avatar and adjust the privacy settings. Do not forget to choose an image aligned with the visual identity of your business; it is essential that customers recognize your brand before everything else.

Is everything ready? It’s time to add your friends and contacts. Take advantage of this phase to find people who enjoy your product and are aligned with the person defined for your business.

content on Snapchat

Create real content on Snapchat!

Now that you have an account to be used, we can start with the creation of content in the app. It is necessary to know that Snapchat allows the division of everything that is produced into two main categories: Snaps and Stories.

The snaps are those messages, video content or images, that self – destruct after being displayed by certain users. The main difference with Stories is that sent snaps are not available for all your followers, but for those you select, allowing only one view.

Do you want to send the teaser of a product and leave the user curious? A Snap is ideal for that!

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To send a snap just enough to take a picture or record your video, using the center button of the camera in the cell phone viewer. Tap the button to shoot and keep it pressed to record.

It is also possible to take advantage of all the resources of the application, such as lenses, filters, legends, labels, stickers, Geofilters (we’ll talk about it!) And squiggles before sending a photo. When your image is ready, click on the lower left corner and select the users you want to receive that particular snap.

Stories on Snapchat


The stories allow you to send images or videos in sequence for a mini-timeline that is linked to your user. Unlike snaps, the messages sent by Stories are available for 24 hours and can be viewed as many times as necessary.

This is a wonderful tool for your company to show products, functionalities, the culture of the workplace and, mainly, to work on engagement with the public. And not only that, it is very common, nowadays, for big brands to use Stories to have valid coupons for just 24 hours. Have you already thought about the conversion?

With creativity, it is possible to transform your Stories into real results for you. But, for that, it is essential to identify and map the interests and study how it is possible to transform them into content for the social network.

geofilter snapchat

And the Geofilter?

The Teofilo, or geographic filter, as the name implies, is a filter defined by the location in your GPS. The cell phone will read the coordinates of the location when you open Snapchat, loading the pre-existing local filters.

Do you want to experiment? Take a picture with the GPS active, and swipe to the side of the image. Filters with the name of the city and even the neighborhood can be chosen for your photo.

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What to do with business?

Well, now Snapchat accepts the sending of customized filters for your company or event so that they can be used by clients who are in the vicinity of your establishment, for example.

For that, it is only necessary to prepare an art following the Snapchat guidelines and send it for validation. The prices for the inclusion of custom Geofilters vary depending on the scope and time they are available.

It should be noted that for events, it is an excellent decision. The more people use it, the greater the reach of your brand.

7 tips for using Snapchat for business and engaging your audience

tips for using Snapchat

You know: the secret to the success of Snapchat is not only in the creativity of content production but also in the depth of knowledge you have of the person of your business.

It is necessary to be inspired daily by the consumption habits and demands of your audience, and mastering the tool can help in that. Below, we list 7 tips so you can start being the best and effectively disclose your business.

1. Familiarize yourself with the tool

It seems obvious, but many people end up skipping this stage. It is important to explore the network from top to bottom before starting to publish and disseminate your brand.

Try to understand how users communicate, the most used jargons, who is succeeding, how to personalize your content and, above all, what tools are available to produce unique materials.

2. Become exclusive

Nothing to replicate content! Snapchat should not be the reflex adapted from other social networks, much less serve as a repository of old photos. Snapchat users ask for fresh news from your business.

A good opportunity to become exclusive is to look for live coverage of events, quick interviews, product samples, dissemination of teasers and other issues that occur to you and your marketing team to show and make them unique.

Become exclusive

3. Measure and understand your performance

And how do you know if your Snapchat marketing strategy is paying off? For that, you will need an abstraction of data and evaluate the interaction of the public with your network.

Snapchat allows the entry to the number of views and screenshots made by users in each publication, and it is from there that you can measure your performance and determine the relevant changes to optimize your strategy.

Record the visualization of each publication and start asking some questions:

  1. Is a photo or video more successful?
  2. What type of created content has generated more visualizations?
  3. On what days am I receiving more visitors?

Answers of the questions can help you understand the behavior of your audience and the possibility of investing in changes in the use of Snapchat in your business.

You can also invent other analysis metrics of your Stories, for example. After 23 hours and 30 minutes of publication (remembering that the content expires in 24h) check the total views of each of them. From the first to the last, how many users stayed? In which snap there was a higher dropout rate? What content was there in it?

With these data, you can plan better the next time you make a publication. Repeat the process and do the analysis. Did anything change? Thus, the adjustments come up naturally until your brand finds the right tone for the publications.

4. Do a behind the scenes

Do not have ideas for exclusive content? Grab the facility to show a little of your company and the local culture. This helps not only to engage your audience and the conquest of new talents but also in the sense of belonging that users develop for their favorite brands.

behind the scenes

Knowing the operation of the business, giving name and face to officials and showing that people work there and not just machines can generate more empathy with the public.

This is an opportunity to create a difference with your company concerning a competitor, proving how your business is much more updated with the interests of your person.

5. Tell a story

The storytelling is a trend, everyone knows. But, did you know that Snapchat can be a great ally in that practice? Create and tell stories brings your business closer to the reality of the public, and can make it more relevant in the day to day of the person as it becomes part of the business.

Take advantage of the feature of Stories to publish fast sequences and conquer the user with a content of easy digestion and able to keep the interest always active.

6. Remember the variety

Make good use of the tools offered by Snapchat and keep changing your content. You can start decorating your photos and videos. Explore the environment around your brand. What can be included?

A series of well-taken photographs is not a guarantee of engagement for your audience. Search, explore the opportunities within the application itself and try to vary. What could you do with a selfie, for example?

Here is a list of things you can try:

  • Emoticons to set the stage
  • Doodles and scribbles
  • Funny filters
  • Accelerate a video
  • Remove the sound
  • Geofilters varied
  • Show a snap from back to front
  • Collect the Geofilters of the day

Integrate your audience

7. Integrate your audience

Unlike Twitter, which allows us to use hashtags for the location of users who share the same interests, Snapchat does not have a search of this type. So, how to build a relevant audience? This is the moment for you to start integrating your other networks to the new Snapchat account.

Many users, nowadays, use the Twitter name as the user of their snapshots. This guarantees that the creation of the network does not go unnoticed by your audience already consigned on Twitter, for example.

Instagram, meanwhile, is fertile ground to share the most memorable snaps, in addition to linking the account in the description and location indications.

Did you make a snap with someone important? Upload the photo to Instagram and tag the person. It is a guarantee of scope and that it be shared.

Already on Facebook or Google+, it is possible to take advantage of the generated snapcode, to guarantee more access and contacts that already know your work.

Is not sufficient? Take advantage of relevant events in your area of action to make the coverage live and hook your audience into something that they know can only be seen from your account.

Remember to return the creation of your new account in a great event. Post about that, tell everyone that your business is now integrating one of the best social networks of the moment and do not leave the account still.

Last considerations

Snapchat values speed and only a well-planned dynamic can guarantee that your users are interested in your content. Investing in Snapchat as a tool for business is an intelligent strategy that will later become indispensable for brands that want to be relevant in the current scenario. Create your account, experiment with our advice and start building your audience. Do you consider any other idea on how to use Snapchat for business? Share it in the comments!

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