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How your lack of sleep affects your skin

A good rest is a key to start the day with energy … and a good face. We explain how to achieve a restful sleep, wake up relaxed, without dark circles and with luminous skin. We tell how your lack of sleep affects your skin.

In certain stages of your life, sleeping well can be complicated. Stress, anxiety, change of seasons or changes in habits or schedules make this rest so necessary and desired.

However, restful sleep is required both to feel in full form and energy and to look beautiful skin and a rested face.


The reason that it is so important to sleep well is that between 11 at night and 4 in the morning :

The accumulated toxins are eliminated during the day.

The regeneration of the dermis intensifies and “fail” to make the collagen and elastin.

The creams act better because, by increasing the circulation of the blood, the skin is more permeable.

In fact, it has been shown that the nocturnal regeneration of the skin is so important that, if you do not rest well, it ages earlier. Therefore, we give you several keys so you can fight the signs of tiredness in case you have not had a good rest.

How your lack of sleep affects your skin


It is one of the most obvious signs of having spent a bad night and make you look tired and sad.

To prevent them:

Take a dinner that takes care of your face: the most advisable thing is to eat fish and diuretic vegetables such as asparagus. If you suffer insomnia, take foods rich in tryptophan (eggs, chicken, banana, avocado …). And watch out for those rich in salt (sausages, preserves …) because they increase the retention of liquids and favor the bags.

Sleep with your head a little high: so the circulation does not stagnate around the eyes.

In the morning, let the ice open your eyes: wash your face in the cold water with ice cubes. If this gesture is not enough, wrap them in a towel and press it on the eyelids.

Use creams with light textures: choose an eye contour type fluid or aqueous gel. And better one with a metallic applicator because it helps to decongest the area.

An effective trick to reduce the bags is to perform an ocular micromanage. With the tip of the finger, pressures are made on the contour of the eye, from the outside to the lacrimal insisting on this last point. So you help “empty” the bag.


If you wake up several times at night, in the morning the result is noticeable as the dark circles make their appearance or are much more marked. That’s why a lack of sleep affects your skin.

To prevent them:

Treat yourself to a relaxing bath: before going to bed, fill the bathtub with warm water and pour a splash of your bath gel (better if it has a relaxing aroma). Immerse yourself, close your eyes and enjoy for 10 minutes – if you exceed that time the blood pressure may drop. You will sleep soundly!

In the morning, use corrector: the days that you see a haggard, resort to makeup, which works miracles. The dark circles are “hidden” using a peach-colored concealer, while the blue-violet ones are concealed by the yellow concealer. Your look will immediately have a vital and rested aspect.

Put your sunglasses on: use them whenever you go outside. UV light darkens brown circles and worsens blue eyes because it hinders circulation.

3. FIGHTS THE OFF TONElack of sleep

While you sleep, the skin cells renew themselves. That’s why a lack of sleep causes a grayish skin tone. To prevent it:

Get away from the screens! Computer, tablet, mobile, television … We are surrounded by devices that emit blue light. Did you know that this radiation ages you? Penetrates deeper into the skin than UVA and UVB radiation. This causes a greater amount of free radicals in the dermis, which cause loss of elasticity, flaccidity, dryness and the appearance of wrinkles and spots prematurely.

Protect yourself! If you have no choice but to spend hours in front of the screen, put on special glasses that filter the blue light or use a screen protector that reduces that type of radiation.

Stroll before or after dinner: instead of staying at home watching TV, take advantage of the sunset to go for a walk for 30-45 minutes. Soft exercise, in addition to relaxing, improves circulation and activates the skin’s metabolism.

Revitalizing creams: before going to bed, provide your face with an extra dose of vitamin C with a night-time cosmetic that includes it. You will wake up with a lot more luminous complexion.

In the morning, put a blister or vitamin C serum: apply it before your day cream and your skin will gain vitality.


In this case, they do not appear to rest badly, but because of the posture. If you sleep on your side, they mark more. So lack of sleep is the cause of wrinkles.

To prevent them:

Use a special bra: there are models that have the wraparound cup and a pad that fills in the space between the breasts. In this way, the breasts are kept well and prevent the appearance of wrinkles at the birth of the breasts.

In the morning, use firming cream: spread throughout this area to strengthen skin support. The firmer and hydrated the skin, the less these unsightly wrinkles will be marked.

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