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I want to buy a smartwatch, what should I consider?

We help you choose the best smartwatch with some tips to buy a smartwatch. These are the characteristics that should not be missing.

If you are looking for a good smartwatch and need help, we have developed a smartwatch purchase guide, with some tips and above all with features that a smartwatch should have if it is worth it.

There are aspects that you should keep in mind before taking the step, especially if you have decided on a high-end watch. Currently, there is a very clear segmentation in this market, which differentiates between the cheapest smartwatches and those that offer premium features.

The Apple Watch is without a doubt the best seller, although it does not lack competition from Samsung and other brands. However, if you look good and know what to look for you can also find some pretty affordable bargains.

For that, it is necessary to know what features are important in a smartwatch, and for that, we give you some tips to buy a smartwatch and hit.

Basically, it is about seeing what each one offers and if at the price level it is up to scratch or it is possible to find a cheaper one, as well as assessing your needs as a user.

Operating system and notification synchronizationbuy a smartwatch

Although some years ago it seemed that the fight in this field would be between watchOS and Wear OS (Android), things have changed substantially in recent times. WatchOS has taken off thanks to the good sales of the Apple Watch while the version for smartwatches of Android has stagnated remarkably.

So much so that many leading brands in the sector have decided to take a step forward and do without Android. This is the case, for example, of Fitbit, which after buying Pebble has a lot to say in this market. It has its own operating system, which by the way is quite good.

This means that what you should look at when buying a smartwatch, regardless of whether or not you have a Wear OS, are its functionalities. Especially if it is able to synchronize notifications with Android and iOS.

We speak not only of call alerts but of other notifications of applications, such as WhatsApp or SMS. In addition, it is also an extra that you can install widgets and apps for various activities on the watch.

It is a fairly broad terrain in which each model offers features that have little to do with others.


We now turn to what is perhaps the most important feature when buying a smartwatch: battery autonomy. It is useless to have a device that does everything if you must load it every day.

Fortunately, in this sense, we have advanced a lot lately, with models that go widely to a week of battery and without problems. It is important because a watch is not like a mobile phone: you wear it or not, and it is usual to forget it at home if you have to carry it continuously.

It is up to you to compare what the different manufacturers and models offer and stay with the one that offers a balance between performance and autonomy.

IP Certificationbuy a smartwatch

More and more brands are getting on the IP68 certification cart, and that’s excellent news for all those who plan to buy a smartwatch. Our advice to buy a smartwatch is that you buy one that has it, because that means that it is submersible and that you can put it on to take a shower, to go to the pool or to the beach.

Walking off the clock every time you go to get wet or submerge is a nuisance that makes many users decide to park theirs progressively until they stop using it. At this point, it makes little sense to buy a watch without IP68 unless it’s incredibly cheap.

Almost all of the high-end have it, although the most affordable ones do not yet.

Type of screenbuy a smartwatch

The size of the screen, the type of panel and the protection of it are three aspects to keep in mind when buying a smartwatch. It is a sensitive device, which is placed in a particular area given to blows such as the wrist.

That’s why it is key that it has some kind of protection against scratches and bumps, such as Corning Gorilla Glass. The type of panel also influences when improving the visualization, eliminate reflections and save battery.

Currently, the OLED is the best panel that can equip a smartwatch, since it combines several advantages such as energy efficiency with brightness.

GPS and LTE connectivitybuy a smartwatch

For some years, all smartwatches have WiFi to connect to the Internet, as well as Bluetooth to synchronize data between it and the mobile phone. However, little by little smartwatches have become independent of the phone.

Currently, there are already many models of watches with 4G LTE connectivity in the market, one of them the Apple Watch Series 4, although it is not the only one. Thanks to this possibility, you can use a SIM to receive calls or SMS directly on your watch, even if you do not carry your mobile phone with you.

If you also have a GPS location, much better. These two characteristics are key if you are an athlete and you are going to go out and run leaving the mobile at home since they allow you to stay connected at all times and also greatly improve the measurement of distances. It is important to check when buy a smartwatch.

Sports or casual?

In this smartwatch purchase guide, you could not miss a paragraph: it is not the same to buy a sports smartwatch as a casual one, although there are some that combine both facets.

Normally, a smartwatch designed for athletes includes more battery autonomy, GPS and some applications designed to measure distances, calories burned and also heart rate.

More and more casual models are also doing this, although not as effectively. In addition, sports smartwatches often allow you to dump data into PCs and specific applications to measure your fitness status and plan workouts. In this sense, they are a whole segment separated from the rest of the market.

It is up to you to evaluate if you really need a smartwatch to train or if you prefer a model with less bulky design and designed for day to day.

NFCbuy a smartwatch

Finally, a feature that has begun to make an appearance in watches and also in wristbands, such as the Xiaomi Mi Band 3: the NFC chip for mobile payments.

The utility of the NFC is beyond doubt if you usually pay with your mobile phone. It is much more convenient and faster than removing the card, so let’s not say if you simply have to bring the watch to the POS of any store. Check  NFC before buy a smartwatch.

For convenience, there is no doubt that a smartwatch with NFC is advisable. In addition to a clear future bet, since it means that it will not become obsolete quickly.

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