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I’m strangely annoyed by Postman Pat.

That’s one of the most interesting and controversial headlines that you might read today but I will happily tell you why if you read on. Many of you will know Postman Pat Clifton as being an un controversial figure that works out of the village of the Yorkshire Dales in Greendale and in close harmony with the Scottish Post Mistress Mrs Goggins. At least that’s how it was. It now seems that all has changed and the gentle life that Pat knew in the early 1980’s when he came on the scene is gone. In fact Pat seems to have also had to kowtow to commercial pressure as he needs to compete with Same Day Courier Manchester services and the like. What has happened to our confirmed Batchelor and Jess his beloved Cat? Do the still pick op all the post bags in his van and does Pat still feel that he’s a really happy man?

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He’s got married for a start. This is quite a shock even more so than the fact that he and Mrs Goggins have not aged one day since they first appeared in 1981. Not only that the village of Greendale has expanded to appear to be the size of small town. It even has its own railway station and regular services are run using both diesel and heritage steam depending on driver Ajay’s mood it seems. Even more shocking Pat has a son called Julian who is in the last year of Primary school so Pat obviously wanted to wait a bit. Perhaps it was all those early mornings that you do as postal worker. Even so he kept his girlfriend/wife on the down low as we never saw her in the original series nor was she mentioned. I bet Ted Glen the Farmer was annoyed. You could just see him and Pat carousing down the Greendale Arms on a Saturday night. Now all he’s got are his inventions.

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What’s very disturbing is that Pat is not just a traditional Postman anymore. He used to just have his reliable Van but now he has a more up to date Sprinter type one and he has a Motorbike and sidecar for Jess, and presumably Sara when they want to pop out for the day and go to the Lake District. To top it all off he must have passed his pilot licence as he also has a mini helicopter. It even has room for Jess which can’t be legal surely.

The final twist is that he now has a Special Delivery Service but don’t be fooled, how he’s stilling the job is a mystery as the Special deliveries rarely get there on time or suffer some delay. It just looks like an excuse to get the Helicopter out if you ask me. Someone else who didn’t like the changes was the original writer and creator John Cunliffe. I rest my case.

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