How To Improve Memory-Means And Methods At Home?

How To Improve Memory-Means And Methods At Home?

Can’t remember where you put something? Often forget to buy what went to the store? Constantly confusing the names of unfamiliar people? These and other nasty little things happen to everyone. Fortunately, forgetfulness can be fought. In most cases, it is the cause of the usual distraction and inattention and can be easily eliminated. There are dozens of working methods that actually help improve memory. Let’s look at the most effective ones. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about the work of memory and how it develops at home.

How To Improve Memory-Means And Methods At Home?

How is the memory

Scientists still have not fully studied memory, because it is a very complex mechanism, which consists of a huge number of neurons – nerve endings, which are responsible for the transmission of electrical and chemical signals. Their number increases with age, keeping in itself all the experience accumulated by man. In young children, neural connections are almost absent – they begin to appear only in the process of cognition of the surrounding world. On the other hand, they are developed in adults who are constantly engaged in mental work.

The work of our brain is comparable to a computer that uses different types of information. The following types of memory can be distinguished:

  • Sensory. It is fixed at the level of the sense organs and is the most short-term. Information is memorized for only a few seconds and quickly forgotten.
  • Short term. With its help, you can hold any information in your head for a short time. It is limited to approximately seven objects (numbers, letters, and monosyllabic words). In everyday life, short-term memory is used most often.
  • Long-term Used to store the most important and useful information. The data in it can be held for a period of one day to several decades.

How To Improve Memory-Means And Methods At Home?

We forget about something when the brain cannot excite the neural memory chain responsible for a specific memory. This is a completely normal phenomenon peculiar to all people. This happens if you have not used any information for a long time – the neural circuit is simply erased under other memories (for example, after changing the phone number we often forget the former). Unlike Amnesia, which is caused by physical damage to the brain, simple forgetfulness can be easily eliminated by regularly training your memory.

Old age is not a sentence

It is widely believed that all older people lose their ability to memorize over time. This is not true! Scientists have proven that our brains can adapt and change throughout our lives. This ability is known as neuroplasticity and persists to extreme old age. With proper stimulation, your brain will continue to create new neural connections and use existing ones effectively. Spending a little time training, you can develop cognitive abilities and memorize new information at any age.

How To Improve Memory-Means And Methods At Home?

By the time of coming of age, a person regularly uses millions of neural connections that help them quickly memorize data and work with them, solve habitual problems and perform similar mental tasks with minimal labor costs. However, limiting yourself to performing the same actions, you deprive your brain of the necessary stimulation, and it begins to work less efficiently. If you want it to continue to grow and develop – set new goals for yourself. From time to time you need to strain your head!

What influences the work of our memory?

The ability to memorize information well depends on a number of factors. The most significant of them:

  • Having a healthy sleep.  At night, the neurons are activated, thanks to which our memory functions. Full sleep helps to restore brain cells after a hard day’s work.
  • Regular exercise.  Even minor physical exertion increases the flow of oxygen, which is very important for normal brain function. Morning exercises or jogging in the fresh air will clear your head and enhance your cognitive abilities.
  • Healthy organism.  The effectiveness of memory depends on the state of health. For example, during the flu or after a concussion, memorizing information becomes noticeably harder. No wonder they say that in a healthy body – a healthy mind.

How To Improve Memory-Means And Methods At Home?

  • Proper nutrition.  Dieting and a balanced diet have a good effect on the ability to memorize. Eat more vegetables and fruits, turn on natural sources of protein (eggs and seafood) in the menu, reduce the consumption of junk food. Meeting these simple requirements will help you maintain clarity of mind to a great age.
  • Handicraft.  Fine motor skills help to activate brain activity. Find a hobby that requires concentration and handwork — for example, cross-stitching or drawing up complex puzzles.

Exercises for training memory and attention

Memory, like muscular strength, requires constant training. The more often you use it, the better you will be able to process and memorize various information. Not all kinds of mental activity are equally effective. Exercises should disrupt your routine and make your brain think in new ways.

How To Improve Memory-Means And Methods At Home?

There are three key elements of a good workout for the mind:

  1. Teaches you the new. No matter how hard the problems you solve, they must remain unusual for you. You will not develop a memory by doing the same thing every day — for example, solving Sudoku. It is necessary that intellectual activity takes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to use new skills.
  2. Quite complicated. Effective training for the development of memory requires full and close attention. They should always be performed with some effort. An example of this is playing a musical instrument: while learning a complex work, you train cognitive abilities, but playing well-learned music almost does not make the brain work.
  3. Is interesting. Do not do what you do not like. The more you are interested in the chosen mental activity, the faster it will benefit you. Find a lesson that will bring you pleasure and stimulate the continuation of active training.

How To Improve Memory-Means And Methods At Home?

Not sure what to do? Choose one of the most popular ways to improve memory:

  • Learn poems. This classic method of developing memory is equally well suited for both children and adults. Try not to mindlessly memorize words, but delve into the meaning of each work.
  • Create associations. To make it easier to remember any information, associate it with familiar things. Using associative chains, you can “tie” it to the object you are used to. Communication can be absolutely any: absurd, fabulous, stupid. The main thing is that you understand it. A simple example is a phrase “every hunter wants to know where the pheasant is sitting”, which helps to remember the primary colors of the rainbow by the first letters of the words (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple).
  • Do the attention activity. It is extremely simple: focus on the object that you want to remember, and after a few seconds, close your eyes. Imagine it in your head – repeat its shape, color, shape, material. Try to memorize even the smallest details.
  • Engage in finger gymnastics. With it, you can develop fine motor skills, increase concentration and improve memory. This is a very simple way that even small children can use.
  • Memorize the words. If you have difficulty memorizing poetry or prose, start small. Write a dozen words on a piece of paper and carefully re-read them. Turn the paper over and rewrite each of them in memory. Increase the number of words each workout.
  • Learn new languages. It has been proven that polyglots are less likely to develop dementia. Want to maintain clarity of mind to old age? Learn foreign languages – so you will not only acquire useful skills but also improve memory and attentiveness.

How To Improve Memory-Means And Methods At Home?

Drugs to improve memory

In addition to training, you can help drugs that can be purchased at any pharmacy. If necessary, they can write your neurologist. Do not take them without first consulting a doctor! Most popular tools:

  • Aminalon Pills that stimulate mental activity and optimize the work of neurons. Also, this medicine is often prescribed for children who have language development problems.
  • These pills are very popular among students who want to improve the performance of the brain before exams. It really works by facilitating the learning process and strengthening the memory.
  • Vitrum Memory. The complex of vitamins and minerals necessary for effective brain function. Recommended for people suffering from avitaminosis.
  • Harmless absorbable pills that are used for stress. Helps to increase the performance of the brain.
  • An effective means to reduce stress, clarifying thoughts and improve memory performance.
  • Inexpensive nootropic agent that helps the brain recover from a stroke. He is also prescribed for people with Down syndrome and dyslexia.
  • A herbal preparation that helps improve the tone of the central nervous system. Available in syrup and capsules.

How To Improve Memory-Means And Methods At Home?

By daily training your brain, you can improve memory and keep it working for many years. Do not be lazy and try to constantly develop and learn new things – then you will not forget about anything even in extreme old age!

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