Intimate Life After A Heart Attack

Intimate Life After A Heart Attack

Intimate life after a heart attack. According to statistics, lately, not only the elderly but also middle-aged men in the prime of their lives are increasingly suffering from heart attack. It is quite natural that after an illness they often have to change their daily habits and give up some hobbies. For example, it is contraindicated for them to practice extreme sports, it is recommended to stop smoking, frequent visits to saunas and alcohol. In addition, the transferred heart attack makes changes in the intimate life of the couple.

Doctors do not cease to argue about the feasibility of restrictions in sexual life and the causes of reduced potency in men suffering from heart disease. There are many opinions, so you should carefully sort out this issue.

Intimate Life After A Heart Attack

When can I resume sex life?

Post-infarction rehabilitation, first of all, involves psychological and physical peace. Any stress on the heart can lead to complications. For this reason, doctors recommend limiting sex for one to two months.

Post-infarction treatment includes physical therapy exercises that allow you to adapt the body to everyday physical activities, including sex. The possibility of the resumption of intimate life can only be determined by a cardiologist, based on the results of the examination and examination of the patient. However, the conditional criterion for the readiness of the body can be considered the ability of the patient to perform basic physical exercises. If climbing the stairs for several spans or walking with a quick step does not entail a deterioration of health, the body can be considered prepared for physical exertion arising from intimacy.

Intimate life, like any moderate exercise, a beneficial effect on the work of the whole organism. Therefore, doctors rarely recommend complete abstinence. But it should be understood that the intensity of sexual activity will have to be significantly reduced for the benefit of health. In order for sexual intimacy after a heart attack not to cause harm, you need to follow some rules.

  • Avoid intimacy in case of tiredness or feeling unwell.
  • It is recommended to have sex only in a familiar, comfortable environment.
  • Before intimacy does not need to overeat, drink alcohol.
  • The possibility of taking drugs that increase sexual activity must be discussed with your doctor.

Intimate Life After A Heart Attack

Causes of reduced potency

In half of the men who have had a heart attack, there is still a decrease in potency. Is this directly related to coronary heart disease?

Indeed, some drugs that are prescribed in the treatment of pathologies of the heart, can affect the potency. However, based on the observations of doctors, it can be concluded that sexual disorders are more often psychological in nature. That is, they are not related to somatic disorders, ac depressed mood of the person who faced the disease.

Disorders in the intimate sphere are more often observed in people who attach great importance to the level of potency. They are haunted by fears of possible sexual weakness or the loss of the ability to satisfy the second half. It is these factors that aggravate the psychological state of a man, causing a decrease in potency. In order to reduce anxiety, some men begin to take sedatives or alcohol. Both are unacceptable during the recovery period after a heart attack.

Intimate Life After A Heart Attack

Intimate life after a heart attack. Methods for the restoration of potency

Since the problem is psychological in nature, psychotherapy will be the best method for restoring potency. The main role in this process is assigned to the wife or girlfriend. It is the behavior of the second half that determines the confidence of the man in his own abilities.

It is unacceptable to criticize or sarcastically comment on the failures that occur during intimacy. On the contrary, one should be sensitive to the mood of the partner, support him, and most importantly, not demand the accomplishment of “intimate feats” during the period of post-infarction rehabilitation. If you wish, you can contact the competent psychotherapist in this matter. It is also better to conduct psychological conversations with both spouses since any violations in the intimate sphere are always caused by the relationship of two people. The feasibility of using special drugs that increase the level of potency can be discussed with a sex therapist. They should be used only in the absence of side effects on the cardiovascular system.

Over time, the couple develops their own mode of intimate life. Perhaps sexual relations will not be as violent as before a heart attack, but they will have a positive impact on the physical and emotional state of the partners.

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