Is it possible to activate the metabolism?

Is it possible to activate the metabolism?

Is it possible to activate the metabolism? There are numerous myths about metabolism, but few people are able to say what it really is and what function it has in our body. Metabolism is a process that the body uses to produce and expend energy from food. Basic functions such as thinking, breathing, maintaining body temperature or having good blood circulation, also depends on metabolism.

It is popularly believed that if we can accelerate it, we will burn more calories and increase weight loss. Unfortunately, it is one of the great myths that surround this bodily process. If you really think that you spend more calories than the real ones, you may take more than the bill and get the opposite effect. Next, we deny some of the great myths established.

Does exercise speed up the metabolism long after it ends?Is it possible to activate the metabolism?

Obviously, it is true that we consume a greater amount of calories when we train, especially when we raise the heart rate as in high-intensity workouts. The calories are burned during the exercise and until the body manages to return to the normal rhythm that it has in rest mode. If you think you’ll keep burning calories for hours and hours after you finish, you increase your chances of gaining weight. Sport should never be an excuse to overindulge in food or feed on low-quality food.

Is it true that there are foods that can accelerate it?Is it possible to activate the metabolism?

We have in mind that foods like green tea, caffeine or chilies help us lose weight. It is true that they can provide a small stimulus to the metabolism, but not an exaggerated amount for you to notice a considerable drop in weight. Instead of focusing on consuming foods that “accelerate” the metabolism, try to eat those that have a good nutritional intake.

Is it better to make a larger number of meals?Is it possible to activate the metabolism?

There is really no great research that endorses that making small meals and in greater numbers during the day, will accelerate the metabolism. Each person is unique and has different circumstances. Performing a few meals throughout the day can make you hungry and binge. In this sense, it would be convenient to make a greater number of daily meals. Listen to your body when you are hungry and eat some food. Avoid arriving at meals with hunger, because you will not be able to control the cravings.

Is sleeping well good for metabolism?Is it possible to activate the metabolism?

Rest is necessary to achieve our goals and enjoy good health. Actually, sleep does not create any acceleration in the metabolism, but not resting itself can make you gain weight. When we do not sleep enough, we are more awake and tend to eat more to deal with fatigue.

Does the metabolism slow down over the years?Is it possible to activate the metabolism?

Many people are worried about reaching a certain age and notice that they do not have the same energy expenditure and tend to get fat. Logically, our metabolism is slower than when we were small, but to a greater extent, it is because we are less active. As we get older, our caloric expenditure will be higher and we will have to readjust the size of the meals. In addition, it is essential that physical exercise is continued on a regular basis.

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