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Keeping your home secure

Whilst we would much rather spend time renovating and decorating our homes, it’s important to think about security before anything else. A beautiful home won’t feel welcoming and relaxing once you know a burglar has walked through it! So you can get back to the fun stuff and stay feeling secure, here are some tips for making your home safe:

  1. Think about doors

More than a third of burglars are able to simply stroll right into a property. Inspect your exterior doors to see if the frames are still strong, the hinges are in good order and that any letterboxes don’t allow someone to reach in and unlock the door. If you find any weaknesses, consider installing a deadbolt, a strike plate, smart locks and a video doorbell.

  1. Window locks

The most common entry points for burglars are doors and windows. The latches that are supplied by window manufacturers are not always the most effective, so you can toughen up security with additional locks. Other steps you can take include reinforcing windows with security film, fitting glass break sensors and installing a window bar. For Emergency Glaziers Leicester, visit

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  1. Light it up

Those up to no good don’t like being in the spotlight. Lighting up your exterior can keep criminals away from your property. Consider lighting for front and back gardens, pathways, next to the garage and any other outdoor buildings. You could use motion sensor lighting, solar-powered lamps or outdoor lights on a timer switch.

  1. Consider a security system

Depending on your budget, there are numerous options available, from full home automation to a DIY system. Consider a system that covers your needs and that of your neighbourhood. There might be monthly costs to consider if you choose a monitored system that alerts police. At the very least, you should consider installing security cameras at the front and rear of your property.

Cameras are great as both a deterrent and as evidence. Home security cameras can be purchased as part of a home system or as standalone units. Ideally, choose cameras with a mobile app, night vision capability, motion detectors, Wi-Fi enabled and weatherproof.

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  1. Protect your Wi-Fi network

Hackers can quickly access your personal and financial information, even using some devices in the home to spy on you. Home automation systems are also more vulnerable to this kind of cyber threat. It’s vital that you secure your router, rename and hide your home network, enable WPA or WPA2 encryption, install a strong antivirus and anti-malware protection alongside strong passwords.

  1. Home Automation

A smart home can be an excellent choice for the security-conscious. It provides remote control over locks, lights, cameras and other devices. It gives you real-time alerts, enabling you to react quickly to prevent potential crime. A smart system allows you turn lights and the TV on at scheduled times, useful when you’re away on holiday. You’ll receive an instant video feed when someone walks up your drive and see who’s knocking with a two-way talk smart doorbell.


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