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Top 15 Lite apps to save space on your Android device

 Lite apps- The great developers of applications for Android have realized the need to offer alternative versions of their software that consume less resources to adapt to low-end terminals.

Many of the “bedside” Lite apps that we use in our smart pone begin to lose perspective in the face of excessive consumption of resources that are not acceptable even for a mid-range terminal. Hence, increasingly proliferate more versions Lite, both official and third parties, which offer the same functionality as their original namesakes but  greatly reducing the consumption of RAM and space occupied in the terminal . Here are some of the best known and most efficient, as well as a tool to create our own lite applications.

Facebook Lite apps

Lite apps to save space

The mother of all the Lite apps “reduced” and the one that opened the ban so that many users would look for alternative clients to the officers according to the capabilities of their device. Initially developed as a version with a lower consumption of resources for developing countries, Facebook Lite is a totally official application based on the web client that will allow us to surf the social network without practically missing any of the basic functions . And of course, taking into account their monstrous consumption of resources  is a relief that this option exists.

Messenger Lite

In view of the success of Facebook Lite, it almost seemed like an obligation to do the same with your instant messaging client, also inflated excessively by dragging more and more functionalities. Messenger Lite came out in October 2016, halving the more than 100MB of RAM that the official client eats . The great thing is that by using it we will not leave aside any of the functions when using it and we can run it on devices with Android 2.3 or higher. Even in a watch Casio should throw.

Going from 100MB to just over 15 is Spotify Lite

already an incentive when using Spotify Lite , although you have to read the fine print, since, whether we have Premium account or not, both our playlists and public playlists can only be reproduced from randomly, which is not a problem for those who prefer to “get carried away” with music. On the positive side we have the inclusion of a menu from which to analyze the data consumed and limit them monthly if necessary.

Twitter Lite apps

Lite apps to save space on your Android device

Twitter also adds to the trend with an application focused on use in developing countries with limited data connections. Like most variants of this nature, it is a webview based on the web version of the client that arrived a few weeks ago.but boxed in an app that sells for 30% faster than the standard version. It includes a data saving mode that we can activate from the options that allow you to save up to 70% in data traffic. All this in less than 1MB and with most of the basic functions of the service, with the exception of the Moments or the tweets of the day, things that sincerely, few are going to miss. Of course, notifications of interactions are not made in real time, although we will be notified every so often that we have received a number of updates of an indeterminate nature.

Instagram Lite

Instagram also urgently needed a variant that came off the baroque that are reaching the latest versions of the official client. Instagram Lite goes back to the roots, allowing us to browse the publications of our timeline and even publish stories, although most of the additional effects are left behind. That’s it, no gifs or post-processed effects. In this case, we went from 32MB to little more than 500KB. Yes, it’s a webview, but many of them are left with this to gossip other people’s lives.

Amazon Kindle Lite

The official Kindle app is already a universal service that can be used from any Android terminal. Its main functionality is maintained in this Kindle Lite , which is to be able to view all the publications associated with our Amazon account and manage our acquisitions.

Google Search Lite Apps

best Lite apps

Even Google has realized the need to throw away ballast in some of the services that the company integrates by default in Android. The search system is one of them, so this alternative version offers most of the services of the web version but organized by icons that will take us to specific uses such as the image search engine, the translator, the weather information or the websites that we have saved from the browser to visit without connection. Of course, for now we can only see search results in English, Indian or Indonesian.

Linkedin Lite

The social network to find work has been one of the last to offer an official version Lite that drastically reduces the space occupied (from 70 to less than 1MB), in addition to consuming much less data and resources without sacrificing practically any basic functionality of the standard client.

The tiny browser par excellence. If we take a look at Opera Mini

the four most used browsers in Android  we find that, at least, they eat more than 70MB of RAM and another 80 of occupied space without counting cache. Opera Mini eats them all with a ridiculous consumption of resources and its integrated data saving and optimization tools for loading pages. A hare that does not loose in terms of compatibility with prevailing standards on the web.

Smart Launcher

If we need to pull lite applications is more than likely that we have certain deficiencies at the hardware level and our device has taken off of the last versions of Android. If we do not want to be out of step with the aesthetic level, we have no choice but to throw launchers, which in many cases will slow down the already slow navigation through the interface. Smart Launcher 3 is a nice launcher not based on AOSP with Material Design aesthetics and a restrained consumption of resources.

Skype Lite apps

top Lite apps

Is it possible to encase the Skype mastodóntico in less than 15MB? It seems that if. The last to leave the oven of this compendium is Skype’s official thin client, which also allows you to make video calls and chat conversations through an application designed for terminals with short 2G mobile connections, which does not mean that any allo can be used to save a good pinch of space at both the resident memory level and available storage space.

Hermit (create your own!)

These five apps are just a representative sample of everything we can find, being the common denominator for the majority of cases the fact of using web clients instead of native Lite apps to speed up the loading of each tool. With this premise in mind Hermit was born, a free application that allows us to create our own webview of a myriad of applications, so that we can create our own Lite versions of things like Instagram, WhatsApp, Tumblr or Reddit. More information and small tutorial in the post of the blog that we gave you at the time.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini is the light version of this browser , the preferred one for many users considering that it provides the best Internet browsing. It allows browsing faster, safer and saving mobile data.

In the latest update has included new features such as ad blocking and the ability to add items to the home screen. They are added to the existing ones: tracking of data to be able to consult the accumulated savings that we have used, multitasking, private browsing and smarter downloads.

Skype Lite apps for Android

We can not finish this review of the best Lite for Android applications without mentioning the light version of one of the great and important Microsoft services. With Skype Lite for Android we will not have to worry more about running out of battery when we are in full video call or video conference with another person.

The Skype Lite version has practically all the Skype features but spending less resources. So far it has not reached some markets like Spain or Latin America, although we can download Skype Lite through its apk.

These are just some of the best Android Lite app with which you can save space and also RAM in your mobile phone. A good alternative to keep in mind so as not to make your smartphone work longer, extend its useful life as much as possible before renewing it for a new one, avoid the dreaded moemoria message and not depend on a plug constantly because the battery runs out.

Clean Master Lite para Android

discover Lite apps

The most popular cleaning and maintenance application of this operating system has a lighter version. Clean Master Lite is perfect for slow-running mobile phones with less than 1GB of memory. The installation package requires only 3.5 MB.

Between the functions that offers the cleaning of junk files emphasizes, the improvement of the telephone, a battery economizer and an antivirus. If you have problems with your device and want to free space, we recommend using this app.

Finally, did you know that many of the applications we use usually have a lighter version ? Precisely of that we are going to speak to you today, of the  Android Lite apps  and, more specifically, of the best free Lite apps for Android. Without a doubt, it is an alternative to take into account if you have a mobile phone that has  battery problems and lack of memory space. In these cases, what can we do? In addition to taking into account  solutions to free space from the internal memory of a mobile phone  or to value  buying a new mobile , we can also check if there is a lighter version of the app .

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