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As the years go by we become more mature, wiser and therefore we get older, so these traces become notorious physically. However, anti-aging medicine offers a way to retain that process to keep us biologically younger and healthier, but to achieve this it is necessary to apply to our lives five keys to achieve longevity. To talk about these premises, we contacted again the specialist in the area, Juan Carlos Mendez.

Aging is something more than the appearance of “gray hair” and “wrinkles” on the skin. If we could “see” the interior of our organism, we would see important modifications practically in all our tissues, organs and systems. The most striking manifestations “because we see them” are in the skin: wrinkles, sagging, thinning, dryness, appearance of spots (solemnities …), hair loss, gray hair … But there are important manifestations in the nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive system , endocrine, musculature, metabolism, senses.

In the radial space of A To Salad Magazine, Mendez indicated that it is necessary to apply these pillars as a habit of life to guarantee health and thus ward off diseases. I emphasize that ” the best business today is day is to be healthy “. And to achieve this, it is essential to comply with these keys:


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It is important to maintain a diet as healthy as possible, said the doctor. He also said that despite the harsh situation and lack of food, there are many projects of gluten-free products, which can help us avoid inflammation, especially people belonging to blood groups O, B and in some cases, group A and AB.


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When performing any physical activity, the cardiovascular system seeks to maintain optimal conditions such as blood pressure, circulation, oxygenation and, in turn, the musculature system that tones the bones, muscles and everything related to movement.


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The expert noted the importance and weight of rest in the person. Between 6 and 8 hours of daily rest is what is necessary to have a quality sleep that allows to regenerate the tissues. The  aging  biological is linked to oxidation processes at the molecular level, caused by the production of  free radicals , which are atoms or highly reactive unstable molecules that attack the links of tissue proteins: polyunsaturated cell membrane hospholipase, carbohydrates and the nucleic acids of the cells. By acting, they activate a chain reaction that could even lead to cell death.


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For Dr. Mendez, stress is sometimes necessary to keep us active. However, being poorly channeled produces a natural wear and tear due to the level of stress that could not be overcome. In that case, he exhorted to learn “surfing stress”.


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The fifth element of longevity is to take care of our sacred sites: home and work, since both places are where we are most and by maintaining a calm environment, the energies flow and are interpenetrated with the rest of the keys.

If we convert these premises of longevity into habits and purposes for 2018, motivation and willpower will guarantee us to stay young and healthy biologically for longer, productive and proactive.


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The specialist Mendez, said that the use of botulinum toxin, basically seeks to destroy the intramuscular plate that connects with the nervous system and the muscle to relax and relaxes the skin, which also makes the lines of expression disappear progressively.

Wanting to look good and always look young is a challenge for all, especially when we are approaching those ages where the time factor never stops. So we have to take care of ourselves, love each other and take into account all those tips to keep us biologically young.


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He pointed out that the health specialist expands the therapeutic arsenal with anti-aging medicine through the graduates who have already made and soon with the postgraduate so that they can apply what they learned with greater confidence.

Those physicians who wish to apply this style of medicine to their branch of knowledge can do so at the Latin American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He affirmed that the diploma has a duration of 6 months and a postgraduate degree of 2 years.


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Mendez, said that from the side of anti-aging medicine instead of destroying a part of the physiology of facial geochemistry, we seek to regenerate the collective tissue through substances that do not require botulinum toxin which tries to find the same effect as Botox, without the need to destroy said plate.

He explained that this method also seeks to combat the effects of aging, regenerating the fracture of collagen and returning it to the foot now with more force to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines.

Finally, the treatment will be done in an individualized way, a basic program will include: Personalized diet, nutritional supplements, antioxidant supply, nutritional education, evaluation of possible hormonal treatment, slow down and improve the aging of the skin (facial and body chemotherapy, facial dermal filler, tolerable tensor threads, chemical peels, lip massage, facial and body photo rejuvenation, carbohydrate …), exercise exercises to reinforce memory and concentration, stepped and controlled physical activity. Feeling good and having a better look over the years, is not a current fashion, but is linked to human nature itself. The search for the “elixir of eternal youth” has been a constant in the history of humanity. And this is fundamentally based on  ant aging medicine : counteract, with early detection, cellular aging in order to prevent and correct diseases. Anti-aging medicine manages to stop this vital deterioration with treatments that decrease the production of free radicals.

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