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Keys to make your home look bigger

Look bigger-Many people prefer to live in apartments or small houses in an attempt to reduce domestic chores, given the difficulties imposed by managing time when they reach adulthood and assume functions outside the home.

In order to decorate the small houses, the functionality of the furniture is insisted on. Do not buy for pleasure. Try to get closer to multi functional furniture and those that are folding. Or have wheels that allow them to move from one room to another when you do not need to use it.

Would you like to live in a larger house? If you are not able to move, then put into practice the possibilities that we propose today. Do not miss these best ways to make your home look bigger.

However, the dimensions do not cease to be a problem if housing is concerned. And is that living in a small space can bring difficulties when choosing furniture, the color of the walls.

When talking about the decoration of small buildings. It is essential to know exactly how many meters each room is made up of. Based on this, it will be determined what goes best with the place so that it does not look loaded. And take advantage of the visual opportunities so that it does not seem too small. In the present article we offer you some keys to make your house look bigger.

Top keys to make your home look bigger

The colors

best look bigger

The basis of all decoration, mainly when there is little space, relies on the use of colors on the walls. If you stop to think you will realize that you always try. When there is good taste, that furniture, decorative accessories, etc. They must match with the walls.

The first thing you should know is that small spaces should not be painted, totally, with very dark. Or garish colors because they tend to reduce the feeling of spaciousness. It is always better, in this case, to paint the walls. And the roof of the house with light colors; this in a purpose of visually conceiving a larger room.

Another formula that many apply to gain in visual space is to paint the ceiling with more vivid colors that fade away towards the center. Some choose, even, to recreate works of art on their heads.

The reflection of the mirror and the light

Rooms where there are mirrors tend to look bigger. This is a good trick to fool the view is to place a large mirror on a wall that has no other decorative accessory.

A mirror can contribute a lot to make the living look bigger, this because it reflects both natural and artificial light, causing a sense of spaciousness. On the other hand, mirrors lend themselves to visual games; If you lean towards this option, there will be few guests who will approach the mirror thinking that their reflection is another room.

It is also good to increase the feeling of space is to maintain a correct lighting. If you have windows do not cover them with curtains, take advantage of natural light. Otherwise put enough artificial lighting so that no shadows are perceived in the corners of the house.


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The decoration of a home is based on the harmonization of all the elements that coexist in a space. That is why when choosing the furniture for a small room, it is best to opt for those that are not very large and also light colors. Always remember that the wengé or brown tones diminish the visual space, but not the clear ones.

On the other hand, as it is a house with limited space, it is not good to load the space with many objects. If you dare, the minimalist decorative style will help you save space and get a lot of glamour in your home. Try only to buy the furniture you need and choose the functionality as a premise when choosing them


Another key to making the house look great is to keep it organized. It will be useless to paint the walls with light colors or to place mirrors if the furniture or objects are not distributed correctly in each room, starting from the space and the functions of each accessory.

In order to decorate the small houses, the functionality of the furniture is insisted on. Do not buy for pleasure. Try to get closer to multi functional furniture and those that are folding or have wheels that allow them to move from one room to another when you do not need to use it.

Diagonal floors

Regardless of the material you choose, the installation of it must be diagonal, in this way an optical effect is achieved that makes the environment look wider than it really is.

Follow the line of the wall

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Another great trick to make a room look bigger than you did not know, is to install the wooden floor boards parallel to the longest wall of the room where you want to place it.

One floor for the whole house

If you put the same floor throughout the house, you will increase the impression of spaciousness , since there are no distinctions or cuts between a design or color, it seems that the place is wider.

Coating in a big way

Choose ceramic tiles or tiles to line the walls that are at least 12 inches in size, how much bigger better!

Take advantage of vertical spaces

If you install shelves strategically without reloading the walls, you will get more storage space to avoid cabinets or furniture on the floor.

Place built-in furniture

best Keys to make your home look bigger

They are a perfect solution, they give an impression of depth as well as not interfering with the available space.

More windows

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If you are reforming your house or you can choose to place more windows, do it! It is perfect, not only because in this way you will save on electricity and you will have more ventilation, but because the windows always give the feeling that the rooms are bigger.

Images in strategic places

If you have one, then hang an image at the end of it where there is a wall or door. Make sure that the image is large and striking, according to the decoration of your home. If it is a wall, place a painting or mural, if it is a door, then you will have to put something lighter like a decorative vinyl, poster or similar.

Decorate with bright colors

make your home look bigger

In addition to the recommended light shades for small environments, it also uses bright colors to create the illusion that a room is larger.

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