How To Lose Weight Nursing Moms After Childbirth And How To Eat?
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How To Lose Weight Nursing Moms After Childbirth And How To Eat?

Any girl tends to look beautiful at every stage of her life, including after childbirth. During this period, the female body undergoes colossal transformations, which often causes shock to young mothers. Looking at their figure, they ask themselves the question: “Will it be possible to return the old forms and how long does it take to lose weight?”. And the answer, in any case, turns out to be positive! Moreover, nursing moms can not only lose weight easily but also significantly tighten the form.

Changes occurring in the mothers, including weight gain, an increase in the abdominal cavity and skin sagging on the abdomen, are the absolute norm provided by nature. With the right approach and systematic health care, the body is restored in childbirth after intensive labor. And after half a year from the signs of pregnancy will not remain a trace!

How To Lose Weight Nursing Moms After Childbirth And How To Eat?

When can I start losing weight after giving birth?

When a baby appears in the mother’s body, recovery processes are launched. The greatest activity is characterized by the first 6-7 months after birth. At this stage, the body of a woman is most susceptible to any manipulation. Therefore, the fight against extra pounds can begin immediately after returning from the hospital.

Nursing moms should not worry that lactation will become an obstacle to the removal of excess weight. On the contrary, it will help speed up and secure the process.

How To Lose Weight Nursing Moms After Childbirth And How To Eat?

What to eat a young mother?

A correctly composed menu will help to bring the body into shape, to lose the kilos gained during pregnancy. But the diet of the nursing moms should not be associated with a limited diet. The lack of useful elements will be an additional stress. Therefore, during breastfeeding, you must choose a balanced diet. It will help not only to remove fat without harm but also to tighten sagging skin, as well as provide the fuel needed to activate the muscles.

After childbirth, preference should be given to products to which the body of the mother and the child got used during pregnancy. At the same time, it is important to completely exclude from the daily menu food that adversely affects both lactation and the state of the nursing mother figure. You should avoid the consumption of too fat, fried, smoked products and muffins that feed only adipose tissue and do not contain absolutely any nutrients.

How To Lose Weight Nursing Moms After Childbirth And How To Eat?

Women with an infant can eat:

  • fish, eggs, and meat replenishing protein;
  • vegetables and fruits (excluding citruses that can provoke allergies in infants);
  • cereals, saturating the body with proper carbohydrates;
  • dairy products containing calcium;
  • nuts, olives and vegetable oils, which contain fats.

Only if all the above products are consumed, the body of the nursing mother will receive all the elements necessary for safe weight loss, and the baby will be provided with good nutrition.

How To Lose Weight Nursing Moms After Childbirth And How To Eat?

How to make up a diet to lose weight?

When switching to a full-fledged diet that includes only healthy foods, it is important not to forget about the right diet. To lose weight when breastfeeding, you need to take care of lactation. With a lack of nutrients, milk production will decrease, and with excess, the process of neutralizing those extra pounds will stop.

Therefore, nursing mothers must determine the right balance between the supplied and consumed energy and then adjust the amount of food consumed. To do this, do not go into the details of counting calories, because it will be extremely difficult to take into account such nuances as the energy lost during the lifting of the stroller or because of the lack of sleep at night. Yes, and the appetite of newborns may be different.

To lose weight, simply reduce the number of servings. But the frequency of meals can be unlimited. To maintain good lactation, nursing mothers should eat at least every 3-4 hours.

To ensure that milk is produced in the right amount, you should avoid dehydration. Nursing mothers need to drink plenty of fluids. For this, ordinary filtered water, weak tea, milk or yogurt will do. In no case should not drink down the food. Drink only between meals. This will help avoid feelings of hunger in the intervals between meals, as well as reduce appetite, with the result that the body will begin to saturate even the smallest portions.

How To Lose Weight Nursing Moms After Childbirth And How To Eat?

How do nursing moms lose weight quickly and without harm?

To lose weight, you need to increase the number of calories consumed. For this, it is not necessary to perform complex aerobic or strength exercises in the gym. A too intense load is contraindicated during breastfeeding. Lose weight nursing mother will help a simple workout at home.

You can engage in 2-4 weeks after birth, depending on the condition of the body. If the pregnancy was not associated with complications and the young mommy’s state of health returned to normal, you can start light exercises. The lactation period is associated with the only restriction – you need to avoid large loads on the chest. A good supporting bra will help prevent excessive pressure on the breasts.

The list of exercises for nursing mothers includes:

  • Squats in all existing variations.
  • Push-ups from the floor, wall or other elevated support.
  • Twisting for abdominal muscles.

To lose weight after childbirth, you need to start with a small number of repetitions of each exercise without burdening. When the muscles adapt and the pain in them passes, you can make it harder for you to exercise, using the baby in it. To do this, you just need to take the child in his arms and work on the usual program. Despite the small weight, the kid will help to make regular exercise even more effective.

How To Lose Weight Nursing Moms After Childbirth And How To Eat?

Lose weight without harm to lactation will help other types of activity that do not require huge loads:

  • yoga;
  • Pilates;
  • swimming.

You can do every day, better – in the morning. In this case, the muscles will awaken and will work actively throughout the day. The result will be noticeable in 2-3 weeks, and finally, lose weight in a few months!

How To Lose Weight Nursing Moms After Childbirth And How To Eat?

When achieving the desired result, nursing moms should not stop. Proper diet and minimum physical activity will help not only to gain and maintain elastic forms but also to develop the correct habits of the younger baby!

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