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Making a herringbone braid

The braids are here to stay, is a trend that is growing every day and the truth is that the braids are adapted perfectly to all styles and can be used at different times, either during the day when you go to work or night at a party.

Among the different braiding, one of the most beautiful is the herringbone braid but may seem to be the most difficult to do. This is just an opinion as to watch the video and a little practice you will see how out without any inconvenience.

In the video we will see how the queue is a horse and then partly into two parts the hair and leave tufts of hair from one half to the other, first one made from it will go from left to right and then the next we had above. At the end of it we put a rubber band or a buckle to hold it.

The result you get is worth and we get a pretty braid. In case you want to give a more romantic can make this braid without giving you the ponytail first. So you’ll look a little unkempt and natural. You can not stop doing it.

Plaiting the hair is fashionable and has been for many years, women like to use it well, as well as practical can be very sexy or casual youthful and attractive.

In recent events, we have seen many famous with this type of hair, Karolina including Kournikova or Sienna Miller.

Also, it is necessary to have a hair too thick, if you have short hair in a braid put you insert the color of your hair, natural hair and will not have a very artificial brightness.

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