metal detector software for mobile

Metal Detector Software for Mobile: Turn Your Phone Into a Metal Detector

If you do a little good, I brought you a free application capable of converting our Android device into a professional digital meter. This article brings you another tool that undoubtedly many of you will love. And this time I will recommend a metal detector software for mobile that will convert our Android into a metal detector.

If you have heard correctly, with the totally free application that I recommend in the attached video that I leave in this same post, we will be able to convert Android into a metal detector, a metal detector that we thoroughly test to teach both the operation of the application as the reliability or effectiveness of it.

If you are suspicious of series as I usually am and when you see applications of the metal detector type in the Google Play Store, you are laughing like me. I thoroughly test one of the few applications of the metal detector type that, to be honest, works frankly well.

Metal detector software for mobile

It is an app that we can download directly and free from the Google Play Store, which becomes the official store of applications for Android. It is an app that I leave Direct link to Google Play for you to download and try as I have done on my Huawei P20 PRO.

Download Metal Detector for free from the Google Play Store.
Developer: Smart Tools co.

How does the application really work?

The first thing you should know is that for this application to work on your Android terminal, it must have a magnetic sensor or what comes to be known as a magnetometer. If you do not know very well if your Android terminal has this type of built-in sensor, you can always see the technical specifications of the same through the manufacturer’s website.

How to turn your Android into a metal detector?

To give you the idea, most of the well-known brands in their mid-range and high-end terminals usually incorporate this sensor as the standard. In the Huawei P range such as the Huawei P20 Pro has this type of sensor that by the way, works very well with the metal detector application.

This application measures the magnetic field with a built-in magnetic sensor. The magnetic field level (EMF) in nature is approximately 49μT (microtesla) or 490mG (Milli gauss); 1μT = 10mG. When any metal (steel, iron) is close, the level of the magnetic field will increase.

The metal detector application offers us the possibility of configuring the sensitivity of electromagnetic waves measurement. Enable or disable an audible alarm with which to notify us of the proximity of these electromagnetic waves that suggest the presence of metal objects.

We must bear in mind that the accuracy of the application is always linked to the quality and accuracy of the magnetic sensor that we have installed in our Android device. The possible interference that may cause electromagnetic fields caused by the appliances that we have in our Home, good examples are TVs, Microwave, and appliances such as Wi-Fi routers and devices with Bluetooth connectivity.

Undoubtedly a very curious application, which, added to a good selfie stick, will give us the possibility to convert our Android into a metal detector completely free of charge.

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