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Mind Mapping: Strategies for Teachers

Mind Mapping– The use of Mind Maps when teaching has grown significantly in recent years thanks to the benefits attributed to its use when learning and the availability of software to create free mind maps.

Teachers from around the world have experienced the value of using Mind Maps to connect with their students, develop their creativity, and, most importantly, teach them to learn instead of memorizing content. As you will see in the Mental Map below, the use of Mind Maps has been added to other cutting-edge teaching techniques such as the Inverted Class (Flipped Classroom) or the Creative Thinking.

Students of all ages have discovered the advantages of applying mental maps to their learning. Whether it’s taking notes from a teacher, a book, a computer or an audiovisual medium, or to express ideas through notes for an essay, a report or a website, the simple and flexible collection of key data facilitates the processes of learning, thinking, ordering, creation and remembrance. It is even possible to create mental maps of any subject or textbook. Mental maps also represent an excellent mnemonic instrument that allows the structuring of facts and thoughts in a way that is absolutely compatible with the natural functioning of the brain.

Mind Mapping in Education

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And now you ask, how can teachers take advantage of the full potential of Mind Mapping? Today we share some ideas about how teachers and students can use mental maps both inside and outside the classroom.

What is a mind mapping?

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A mind mapping is a diagram that is used to represent ideas, tasks, words and other concepts. Each concept is arranged radically around a central idea or keyword. Mental maps are one of the most effective methods to memorize and extract information, as well as to study in a more comfortable and simple way.

If you have not used the Mind Maps in class yet, you will be surprised at how useful they are to organize and connect ideas! Mental maps allow you to create attractive learning resources in a few minutes. Also, if you create them digitally using programs such as Free mind  or Mind Map  they are a good way to introduce new technologies in the classroom.

Mind maps can help your students strengthen their knowledge by generating connections between various topics. Improve the results of your students and discover more about how to optimize your lessons and lessons with the information I give you below.

Benefits of using mental maps in class

There are many benefits of using mental maps, from helping your students memorize more easily to encouraging creativity . But most importantly, you can teach yourself how to learn to memorize content yourself. Recent research has shown that creating study aids lead to greater recall of information.

In addition, mental maps are ideal to improve the learning experience of your students, since these visual aids of study will help them to improve their understanding. They are useful when your students are reviewing for their exams, as they give them a more general view of each topic. In addition, they provide you with the perfect planning tool, as they can build a curriculum outline for your subjects. But, how can you exploit all the power of mental maps? Here are some ideas on how you and your students can use mental maps both in class and outside the classroom.

Before the class

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Whether it is to create a curriculum, to design the agenda of a class for the entire academic year, or to plan the assignment of class work, mental maps provide clarity and serve as a summary of the tasks to be performed .


If you are the type of person who usually connects ideas and thoughts, mental maps will enchant you. They are the perfect tool to structure and organize a topic.

In class:


Online mind maps can be used in class to brainstorm ideas and generate debate. In this way students are encouraged to participate and improve their understanding of a topic and its nuances, generating connections between different ideas.

Class Notes:

Mind maps produced online can be printed easily and shared with students. They can then add their annotations to the mind map during class or later.


A brilliant way to develop students’ communication skills is to encourage them to make presentations. The mental maps act as providers of visual information that encourage the connection of your students with the subject studied. Creating interactive and online mind maps is very simple with the free Mind Mapping tool from Exam Time .


In essence, a mental map is a blank canvas; So, why not introduce some fun to your class? Make your students’ imagination fly by proposing an absurd idea and asking them to think of ways to carry it out. This exercise not only stimulates creativity, but also helps students to think for themselves and have fun during the process!


Mind maps have been used for years in the field of education as a learning tool. These help students to reinforce their knowledge by making connections between different areas and deepening on specific topics within a subject.

Out of class

What is a mind mapping?


The new generation of “Digital Citizens” is able to adapt quickly to change and expects to use new technologies in their educational process. Students can collaborate on class projects or group work using online learning tools such as Exam Time , which make it easier to share mind maps with friends and classmates.


A fantastic way to use Mind Maps to measure students’ knowledge is to ask them to express their ideas about a topic using a mental map, before and after class. In this way, they will retain the information better and the teacher can check the level of retention and understanding of their students.


Analyzing the study material reflecting on what has been learned is a key factor to ensure a complete understanding of the new information acquired in class. Encourage your students to review the material in depth and see how far they can go – a mind map can be divided into several ideas, which in turn can be developed as new mind maps within a node.

Thanks to the availability of online Mind Mapping tools, it is now easier than ever to take advantage of the new educational opportunities discussed above. And remember, the students of today have grown up with new technologies, so introduce them in the classroom and the possibilities will become endless!

While traditional methods of taking notes:

  • Cloud keywords and information.
  • They are not easy to memorize.
  • Time is wasted by the amount of words connected.
  • Not all cortical abilities are used and, therefore, brain creativity is not stimulated

Mind Mapping offer these advantages:

  • They help the brain’s ability to concentrate.
  • They emphasize the essence of the material.
  • They visually emphasize the relative order of information.
  • It facilitates the vision of the connections between ideas.
  • They encourage trust in our ability to learn.

How to apply them in the mind mapping of your students?

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  • Learn to use them before (I have a training in this regard, Tony Buzau himself certified me).
  • Teach your children to draw them (as a game), to your students (as a playful activity).
  • Later ask them to make a mental map of something they learned (visit zoo, a movie, a story …)
  • Create the habit of asking them for a mental map often on the most diverse topics.
  • When you have an exam or test, help create mental maps of each subject for the study.

Finally,in mind mapping  we use symbols, images, colors, relationships, keywords … among others, in order to illustrate the concepts in a creative and very simple way, and to be able to learn and quickly associate concepts. If you are looking for a creative method to learn mental maps is your best option. Imagine summarizing your students  lesson on a mind mapping. We know how important it is to maintain the attention of our students in class. Having the students maintain an interest in what we explain is of vital importance for them to learn and feel motivated. As an online teacher I think that adapting to the new digital era is very important and that is why I decided to try new tools to improve my students’ learning and among them are mind mapping. Using different teaching methods will help you to realize what works best for your students. There are some excellent tools that can help you during the school year, making your classes a more attractive and fun experience and, as a teacher, you will know the importance of keeping your students motivated and attentive in class.


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