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Modernising your bedroom

Not feeling relaxed and rested after spending time in your bedroom? Perhaps it’s time for a makeover. If it’s been some years since you paid any attention to your bedroom décor, then now could be the time to turn your dull bedroom into a contemporary boudoir. Here’s how:

  1. Focus on making it a room of rest

The key to a good night’s sleep is to concentrate on setting apart from other rooms as specifically a place of rest. Don’t be tempted to put your home office in the corner. Bedrooms can become places of bad habits, like eating in bed, binge watching Netflix and hanging laundry. If you can, reserve your bedroom space for a place where you can shut off from the world of work, electronics and chores, then the room won’t become associated with other tasks.

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  1. Try a new colour

A fresh coat of paint can make a big difference and won’t break the bank. Consider an accent wall with a different colour or some statement wallpaper. The possibilities are endless!

  1. Declutter

Remember that less really is more and don’t be tempted to overfill your bedroom with accessories and furniture. Remove anything that doesn’t serve a purpose to leave your room feeling fresher and airier. A great way to store clothes, shoes, boxes and anything else you’d like to stow away is with Fitted Wardrobes Hampshire. A bespoke fitted wardrobe means you can have as much storage as you need and the right type of storage, leaving your room restful and clutter-free. Fitted Wardrobes in Hampshire by Lamco-design will give you’re a contemporary and stylish bedroom.

  1. Add some textures

Add a touch of luxury by incorporating some different textures to your room. A plush rug, a super-soft throw or some faux fur cushion covers will update your room and make it a room you can’t wait to relax in. Contrast in texture provides greater interest for our brains so mix up your fabrics and materials. You can have different textures in the same colour scheme but add interest with differences in touch and look.

  1. Light it up

There are so many contemporary lighting options available today that you can really make a statement with your lighting. You can opt for softer mood lighting in warm tones to get us in the mood for relaxing. You could go big with a chandelier for overhead lighting and two bedside lamps to provide an alternative when you want low lighting.

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  1. Spend on your bedding

Not only do you want your room to look great but feel amazing too. The most important focal point is the bed, and if you’re not comfortable here then, the rest is pointless. Duvets and pillows should be your biggest investment.

  1. Keep it clean

Once you’ve modernised your bedroom and treated yourself to some luxurious bedding, it’s important to keep it clean and clutter-free. It doesn’t matter how expensive your new bedroom was, it will look rubbish if it’s messy and unclean. It doesn’t have to be kept to a showroom standard, but try not to slip into old habits, like leaving laundry lying around and not making your bed in the morning.


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