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Moisturize Your Skin

There are lots of different moisturizers. This is mostly due to the fact that there are also so many people looking for different moisturizing benefits. Moisturizers can do a lot of things, they can stop, prevent and treat very dry skin. This is the reason most people buy moisturizers but that is not all that moisturizers can do. They can also provide treatments for sensitive skin while improving skin tone, texture by making it smooth, and they can even take away or mask imperfections in our skin. Thus we get a nice smooth natural beautiful skin that many people admire.

There are many different types of skin. Some skins don’t go well with some moisturizers. Some types of skin are even irritated and produce negative effects when skin care products are used. So finding out the type of skin you have and the right moisturizer for that particular type of skin is necessary to get the full benefits of skin care products. Since there is a lot of money to be made in skin care products, there are also a lot of moisturizers that are made for each different type of skin.

One type of skin is normal skin. Normal skin is what most people have, it is neither too dry or too oily. A good moisturizer to use is a water based type of moisturizer. This will maintain the natural balance of the skin which will make it or maintain the not too oily or not too dry type of feeling. These products will often contain lightweight oils like cetyl alcohol and Cyclomethicone. This type is the easiest to take care of. Since a lot of people have normal skin, most cosmetics company will create products for this type of skin to make a lot of money.

Another type is dry skin. A perfect type of product for this will have a heavy type of oil like propylene glycol. This chemical will help the skin be moist and stay moist all throughout the day. Dry and cracked skin, for example, should use heavy oil-based products. Heavy oil-based products lasts a lot longer than most creams and they often retain more water also. Mature skin is also most of the time dry because glands that secrete oil become obsolete or stops functioning. So a heavy oil-based moisturizer is preferred when dealing with mature or old aged types.

Oily skin is another type. People with oily skin are very prone to getting acne or any skin disease. A light water-based product is perfect for oily skin. However, I suggest having a product which has a label that says “noncomedogenic” which basically means, it won’ clog spores. Clogged spores can cause acne and it can also cause the skin to break out which will damage the skin more rather than helping it look beautiful.

Another type is sensitive skin. Sensitive skin often gets irritated. Itchiness, rashes and redness often comes with sensitive skin. This type of skin requires a special type of moisturizer since sensitive skin can get irritated from moisturizers with fragrances, dyes, chemical compounds, etc. So make sure that the product that you are going to buy doesn’t contain compounds that you maybe allergic to when choosing the right type product.

These are the types of skin most people have. There are skin care products specifically made for each type. Skin covers the whole part of our body and cosmetic products are one of the most growing and profitable business in the world. We even have spas, massages, oils, soaps, etc to treat our body. Beauty now comes in a bottle made by smart people in white coats to make us all look beautiful.

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