Most secure operating system

Most secure operating system to audit security

Within the world of operating systems, we can find versions or distributions of all kinds. Some very thought for the use of the day to day of users such as Windows, while others intended for a specific purpose. Such as performing Most secure operating system for security audits, which is just what we are going to see today. 

Most secure operating system

Most secure operating system

In general, these operating systems that are very focused on a specific task usually work under the Linux base, be it Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, etc. Today’s case is no different since the base on the that this distribution is mounted Debian.

We are talking about Kali Linux, a free operating system, based on Debian. It consumes few resources and whose purpose is to provide us with all the necessary and available tools to perform a computer security audit as complete as possible, centralizing and grouping everything we go to.

Kali Linux

Kali Linux

Listing all your tools is absolutely impossible, since this system is constantly updated with new applications, but for us to get an idea, with Kali Linux we can do the following:

  • Website audits
  • Audits of services such as FTP, SSH, Telnet, and other connections
  • Wi-Fi network audits
  • Password strength audits of all kinds
  • Audits related to malware and infections
  • Database audits
  • Intrusion audits in operating systems, both Windows and Linux or based on Linux/Unix
  • Audits of mobile devices type smartphone, whether Android or iPhone.
  • Collection of all types of information and vulnerability
  • Forensic analysis and evidence collection

The applications as a attack vector

Even taking into account the largest number of vulnerabilities discovered since last year in operating systems other than Windows, we can not deny the evidence. This is no other than Windows remains, by far, the most attacked system by criminals. The reason is simple: it continues having all the logic of the world that the greater number of attacks go to that platform that, with permission of Android, has a greater number of users.

most secure operating system

But also, security holes in applications and add-ons installed in an operating system can represent a security problem as much or more important than the vulnerabilities themselves.

The browsers represent one of the main entry doors of the malware currently, and that can also be seen in the number of vulnerabilities discovered in them. However, Internet Explorer is installed only on Windows systems, and this causes the balance of possible threats to decay towards this operating system.

Then we have the multi-platform software from Adobe and Oracle. Add-ons such as Flash or Java continue to present serious security problems for users, and their vulnerabilities are exploited actively and massively by criminals and their exploit kits.

Of course, to help us with all these tasks we can find lots of information on Google and even practical videos on YouTube. The system itself has specialized forums that can help us on more than one occasion.

You must not forget that this Most secure operating system is designed and intended to carry out security audits in a legal manner. You must not forget that you are solely responsible for the misuse that you can make of it.

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