Multilevel Marketing

Multilevel Marketing: Is it really the business of the 21st century?

An attractive entrepreneurship plan for 2018, Multilevel Marketing Is it really the business of the 21st century? It is seen as one of the most promising and intelligent strategies. It is perfect to start a small fortune that will promote financial stability. Dropshipping technique is helpful to manage your multi-level marketing products. 

However, before it will be necessary to know each of the aspects related to Multilevel Marketing, what it is and how it works.

Future of Multilevel Marketing

Multilevel Marketing

Today, through technology and the use of the Internet, new ways of doing business, making money and being a successful entrepreneur have been discovered. This innovation has made it possible for people in the world to feel attracted to the idea of being able to carry out activities that provide stable profits.

Especially now, that Multilevel Marketing is one of the businesses that has gained most acceptance worldwide and can, thanks to its potential, become the business of the future. It is worth mentioning that it is also known as Network Marketing and refers to a way of distributing both goods and services.

That is, it starts from the manufacturer to the final consumer, YOU. The characteristic that defines this form of distribution is that it completely eliminates the figure of the intermediary, facilitating consumption.

Traditional Market Vs Marketing Multilevel

Traditional Market Vs Marketing Multilevel

Traditionally, the manufacturer once you have your product for sale, you need to occupy a number of people who facilitate their arrival to the final consumer.

  • Exporters.
  • Wholesalers.
  • Merchants.

This ends up increasing the final cost of the product since each of these people will need to charge a commission for the product. Otherwise, the company would be totally bankrupt. In the Multilevel Marketing, as mentioned, this figure of the intermediary disappears completely, and introduces the products in the market from another perspective what is known as “business opportunity”.

It should be mentioned that since this figure does not exist, the product costs are not increased and smart consumption is promoted. However, in this system, they do not introduce the products within a traditional market, since their way of working is completely different.

For this, it uses people, or in other words promoters or distributors of the product, who carry out the work. With a minimum investment and through the use of the computer, Internet, and advice. When a consumer makes the purchase of a product through a promoter, this in most cases generates 35% of the profits with respect to the sale value of the product.

The business of the Future

The business of the Future

It has already been pointed out what this type of system is and how it seems to be a profitable and functional business for thousands of entrepreneurs today.

However, before elucidating the future of this business, it is important to analyze the Pro and Contra of Multilevel Marketing.



The investment. The minimum investment is required to enter and start in this business.

No to the invention. It will not be necessary to produce a different product or study the opportunities and demands of the population.

The products are already invented and the promoter’s job will be to find the niche of their preference and know its benefits since among its functions, the advice to consumers stands out.

Earn Recognition Promote good quality products, also advise on the sales to be made, can increase your recognition on the web.

Consumers can begin to value your opinion and this can have a significant impact on revenue.

No to dismissals. You are your own boss so nobody can fire you, forget about the tensions of an office.

Retire early. Due to the innumerable gains that can be obtained.

It is possible to retire early and not wait until you are old enough to enjoy the fruit of your work.

It is a guaranteed business. The big entrepreneurs worldwide, have already known about the multilevel system that allows the sale of products.

And it is for this reason that some endorse it and recommend getting started in this financial activity, Donald Trump is one of these.



It does not have Schedules. While it is true, this can be an advantage since you own your own time to invest.

Also, a disadvantage since there are no office hours that must be met. It must be considered that in some cases it will be essential to work in unconventional hours, weekends, holidays and even at night.

The Constancy. The results will only be possible once they have been worked on.

It is possible that the rewards and fruits of this work will be seen in the long term.

Motivation. In this system, self-motivation is important to achieve the goals and be successful in this business.
It is also necessary to have a conviction and security in what is done. Finally, believe and be convinced of the quality of the product sold, sometimes it is appropriate to use it.

Skills for sale. The talent for sales will be indispensable.

Now, each distributor that is entering the multilevel system has the same opportunities, at the same time, the economic and financial benefits are equal for all those who are involved.

On the other hand, it is necessary to note that online sales are a market that is growing and the trends for this 2018 is that they will increase.

Some interesting facts can be revealed according to a study conducted by ComScore:

1.- 8 out of 10 consumers are making purchases via the Internet.

2.- In Latin America the sale of online products grew by 21.5%.

3.- The Latin countries that make the most purchases through the Web are Chile, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia.


Considering the foregoing, one could say that yes, effectively Multilevel Marketing is the business of the future. So, now it’s your turn to analyze two essential elements. Your capabilities and the edges that define Network Marketing. So that, you make the right decision and start all ready to start in this business that is attractive from different points of view and has great potential to be the business of the 21st century.

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