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Myths About Vaginas

One of the most mysterious things in the world must be the vagina. There is so much misinformation, half-truths, complete fantasy and myths surrounding this reproductive organ. Half the people in the world have one and yet they remain such a taboo subject that many women are sadly lacking in the right information to talk about their parts and recognise potential problems. Here are some myths about vaginas:

  1. It’s just for having babies

It seems a bizarre fact that most young girls learn that babies come from their vagina before they even understand what sex is. However, not everyone with a vagina wants a baby and not everyone who wants a baby is born with a vagina!

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  1. It smells horrible

All vaginas have a natural musk but don’t let anyone tell you that all vaginas smell gross. Anyone who notices a change in their normal scent or noticing it becoming overly fishy or like bleach should see a doctor. Some odours are indicators of bacterial vaginosis or an STI. For an STI test London, visit  

  1. It bleeds a lot when you lose your virginity

Some people have a small bleed, others don’t. It is widely believed that the bleeding occurs because the hymen breaks or pops, when in actual fact, it stretches. The hymen can also be stretched as a result of other childhood activities such as riding a bike, dance or gymnastics, so bleeding should never be an indication of whether someone has or hasn’t had sex.

  1. It should always be moist

Lubrication exists for a reason – to help those who might be experiencing some dryness. To think that it never needs a little assistance is wrong. Needing to use lube is not a reflection of your sexuality, it just means you could do with a little help with the friction sometimes!

  1. You must be crazy

Not too long ago, women were often diagnosed with hysteria, an all-encompassing medical term for any mental health issue a woman experienced. At one time, the doctors actually thought the cure was to have an orgasm. Although this doesn’t happen anymore, the idea still pervades that having a vagina and associated menstrual cycle makes you loopy.

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  1. It’s the secret to orgasms

Whilst some people swear by vaginal orgasms, must of us have only experienced orgasm thanks to the clitoris.  The clitoris extends up into the body, with its surface on the vulva and has more nerve endings than head of a penis. It’s incredibly sensitive and is the key to most women’s orgasms.

  1. It should look a particular way

Every vagina is like a snowflake, they are all unique and different. There will be differences in the shape and size of the labia, the skin tone, size, grooming and vulva. There are many variations and no two will ever be the same and there is no right or wrong. As long as you keep it healthy and report any changes like irritation or swelling to a doctor, then whatever yours looks like, it’s great!


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