Neoclassical Style In The Interior
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Neoclassical Style In The Interior

Combining the kitchen and living room is a good option for planning both a small-sized home and a large house. The advantages of the neoclassical style interior are:

  • obtaining open space, not bound with walls, corridors, doorways;
  • A release of additional square meters.

And the extra barriers between the kitchen and the living room are broken. Things are easy – to buy building materials and give the room a decent look. In this matter, designers recommend turning to neoclassicism – a modern, interesting style in the interior of the apartment.

Neoclassical Style In The Interior

Neoclassical features

Notes of antiquity, floral ornament, and soft colors – all this has become an indispensable attribute of style. Where is the clear distinction between traditional classics and the direction with the prefix “neo”? In the modern interpretation of the most luxurious and noble design not to meet the artsy gilding, massive forms, monumental interior details. Here, low-key modeling prevails, elegant fittings, elegant bends.

Neoclassical Style In The Interior

In the neoclassical tradition, expensive materials are used, however, the use of laminate, artificial stone is allowed. The desired element is plastic, glass, visually expanding the space.

Important!  Neoclassic likes space – it is impossible to convey all the features of design in a small room. In order to make the style recognizable, owners of small apartments are advised to combine the kitchen with the living room.

Neoclassical Style In The Interior

Neoclassicism in the interior has the following features:

  • Moderation and accuracy: the design does not tolerate surplus in everything – the setting, colors, and decorations.
  • The conciseness of tones: the style emphasizes natural shades, where there are no bright, “screaming” gamma.
  • Preservation of the main classic features: stucco, plenty of mirrors, elegant patterns.

Neoclassicism in the interior of the kitchen combined with the living room is synonymous with luxury and refinement in harmony with modern requirements for the functionality of the premises.

Neoclassical Style In The Interior

Kitchen with a living room in the neoclassical style: nuances

A kitchen with a living room in neoclassical style will be a good example of combining the spirit of the past and the innovations of the present. The design is definitely the “golden mean” between progress and tradition. Along with wealth and luxury, there is refinement, restraint, and practicality.

Neoclassical Style In The Interior

Choosing neoclassical when combining the kitchen and living room, follow the important rules of design.

Rule number 1. Discreet palette

The ideal colors of the style are:

  • cream, sand, beige;
  • milk and ivory;
  • light gray.

At first glance, the presented gamma seems faceless. But this is not so: pastel colors, shaded by interesting textures, delicate wallpaper in a small drawing, acquire a new sound.

Neoclassical Style In The Interior

For the creation of warmth and comfort meet orange, terracotta, light brown palettes. They can be used as decoration for interior parts – to cover the floor, walls, kitchen facade, in furniture elements.

Accents are usually made in dark shades. We are talking about the facades of the kitchen, dining area, curtains.

Neoclassical Style In The Interior

Rule number 2. Functionality

Furniture, made in the spirit of neoclassicism, is devoid of traditional massiveness and bulkiness. Preference is given to strict geometry, practicality, ergonomics.

Important! In neoclassical everything is symmetrical: there are paired chairs, cabinets, and more. However, it is worth noting several features of the interior: in a spacious room, it is recommended to install bar counters, made in different shapes, sizes, designs.

Neoclassical Style In The Interior

Rule number 3. Scenery

Conciseness and inconspicuous luxury of style are also manifested in the scenery. Despite the elegance of the design, only naturalistic motifs, soft forms, and smooth designs are permissible here.

The main thing is to remember the sense of proportion and strive for harmony, comfort.

The kitchen combined with the living room in the neoclassical style is an elegant solution for any footage. Guests of the house will feel like in a cozy castle, and the owners of the apartments will certainly appreciate the convenience and functionality of the style.

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