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The most common pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms-It is not unusual for many women to be pregnant. But do not know it yet. On many occasions, certain women continue to have their menstrual period on the correct dates, although with a lower flow. And do not contemplate the option of waiting for a baby. That is why it is important that you learn to recognize the symptoms of pregnancy. So that you begin to prepare for the new family addition as soon as possible.

Physical pregnancy symptoms

the pregnancy symptoms

One of the most notorious Pregnancy symptoms is the absence of your period or rule. Or a dramatic decrease in your flow during the first or second month .

But this sign is not present in all cases, since many women do not have a regular period. Also, if your period is over 6 or 7 days, it is recommended that you do a home pregnancy test (over the counter in all pharmacies and supermarket stores). Or visit your gynecologist to perform a test blood.

Other common Pregnancy symptoms are swelling and pain in the breasts (as well as darkening of the color of the aureoles). The feeling of stomach upset that is not rooted in something in particular that you have eaten. But rather lasts for several days or occurs intermittently for more than 1 week, nausea. And vomiting (which do not necessarily occur during the morning. You just wake up, but can suffer at any time of the day), as well as a radical change in the appetite of certain foods (suddenly you feel a strong desire to taste a particular food. And / or feel a great lack of appetite for other foods that you usually like). And the need to urinate more often of normal, whether you urinate in greater quantity or not.

In addition, you may suffer from other signs of pregnancy, such as decreased pressure, dizziness, pain. Or cramping in the pelvic area, an increase in body temperature in general and swelling of the abdomen.

Sensory and mental symptoms of a pregnant woman

pregnancy symptoms

The Pregnancy symptoms that are not physical are not something to take lightly or that you should leave out. Since in many occasions women have almost no physical symptoms. The signs that you must also take into account are those created by the hormonal change that your body is suffering. Among them. We can count: fatigue and fatigue without apparent reasons, an increase in the perception of certain aromas. And even a greater irritability in situations that would not normally put you in a bad mood .

All these Pregnancy symptoms are typical during the first 4 or 5 weeks of gestation. Since once the pregnancy progresses. Your symptoms will change according to the quarter in which you are.

Depression in pregnancy: symptoms and remedies

the pregnancy symptoms

Depression is not in itself a symptom of pregnancy. But it is common for women who have had a previous depressive disorder. Hormones also influence the emotional and psychological area. So that half of pregnant women with a history of depression are likely to relapse.

There are also times when the emotions and feelings of the pregnant woman are not as positive as they should be. A situation that, if aggravated, can lead to depression.

The fact that pregnancy is not that happy stage that everyone assumes, may be due to several reasons. The responsibility of having a life growing inside and at the time of birth can create anguish in some women, especially. If it is an unexpected pregnancy or if it occurs in an unstable situation. In this case there are many doubts and uncertainty about the future. But if the woman is determined to move forward, she should count on the maximum support of her environment. And think first of all of her future child, in more serious cases she can always go to the specialized help .

Causes of depression in pregnancy

discover pregnancy symptoms

There are times when pregnancy is very complicated and the woman fears for the welfare of her baby. It may also be preceded by various abortions or that it has been the result of a long and complicated fertility treatment. Therefore, the woman is not sure how the current one will end. These cases can lead the woman to feel anguished and with a negative attitude. It is about changing this way of thinking, positive thoughts will help to better carry these doubts. The woman must be strong and not be defeated by unfounded fears.

There are also situations in the environment that can end up undermining the mood of the pregnant woman. A stressful job, a move or the loss of a loved one can lead a woman to depression due to the greater sensitivity that the woman experiences during these months due to hormonal disorders. Try to take things slowly and think about the welfare of the baby is basic to cope with these situations.

Complicated couple relationships are one of the most common reasons for depression in pregnancy. There are couples who resort to having a child thinking that it will solve their personal problems. But this is not usually the case. The woman in this situation feels lonely and her emotional state is precarious. The best thing here is to seek help so that this lack of support does not end up affecting pregnancy.

Do not confuse the typical Pregnancy symptoms with depression: they are different things

The woman who goes through a depressed state may not realize it from the first moment. And blame her new sensations or thoughts to the changes of pregnancy. But you have to be attentive to the signals because the sooner it is detected the easier it will be to overcome. It and prevent it from getting complicated. The most common symptoms will be sudden changes in mood. Permanent sadness, anxiety, irritability, extreme tiredness, lack of concentration or problems sleeping.

In the case of noticing any of these signs or thinking that we may be prone to be depressed during pregnancy. It will be important to maintain a positive attitude, seek all possible support from our environment. And in case it is necessary to resort to professional help.

Pregnancy symptoms after reading this article, remember that it is important to listen and pay attention to your body. And if you think you may be pregnant, take a home pregnancy test. Or consult with your doctor, to make sure you take all necessary precautions to have a pregnancy without problems and a healthy baby.

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