Pregnant in winter
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Pregnant in winter: 6 basic care needs to be met

Today begins the pregnant in winter, more than must protect their health and take extreme precautions to avoid, for example, catching a cold, bronchitis or any other condition that may even harm the fetus.

And while the recommendations you will find may be diverse, there are 6 golden rules that will benefit you in this cold season.

Pregnant in winter

the Pregnant in winter

It will be each woman who decides what time is right based on their personal or professional characteristics, without forgetting that many times children do not come when we want, so we must be prepared for everything.

If we want to have a comfortable and bearable pregnancy we should think about what time of year we will suffer the least inconvenience. It is not the same to be with a big gut in January than in August. For many the ideal is to be a pregnant in winter. For the third quarter to coincide with the cold months the conception should be carried out between May and July.

This implies several aspects, for the most part advantageous. In the first place the summer is passed without pregnancy being appreciated, we can enjoy the holidays without this feeling of heaviness. Although, yes, we must be very careful with the sun, not noticed does not mean that the fetus cannot be affected by solar radiation. There may be women who spend this first trimester with dizziness and vomiting, the heat will not be your ally. To hydrate well and to flee from the hours of greater heat will be the measures to consider.

Move: For pregnancy to proceed normally, it is always good to go for a walk, as this exercise improves blood circulation and helps maintain muscle tone. Yes, keep warm enough and avoid the hours of increased environmental traffic. Yes or yes, it is essential not to fall into a sedentary lifestyle.

Strengthen food: Pregnant women are recommended to increase the consumption of iron-rich foods, as this enhances resistance to infections, decreases fatigue and reduces the risk of anemia. Iron is found essentially in red meat, fish and vegetables. Even from the sixth month of pregnancy, the gynecologist could prescribe iron tablets, but only in the case of suffering some kind of significant deficiency.

Caring for the back: During pregnancy the joints are subjected to a hard test and the back more than the rest of the body. Therefore, it is even more important to take care of it in winter, since the muscles are weakened by the cold. One option, to avoid back problems, is to choose a firm mattress or swim in a heated pool from time to time.

Consume antioxidants: Because the immune system is weaker in women during the gestation period, they are recommended to strengthen their defenses through the intake of fruits and vegetables, which are a high source of vitamins and minerals.

Hydrate: Although low temperatures do not encourage drinking water, there are other formulas to hydrate very positive for pregnant women, such as consomm├ęs, soups and hot infusions. Digestive or relaxing teas are also recommended, especially with lime or chamomile. It is worth mentioning that correct hydration is very important, since it will prevent fluid retention that increases with cold.

Protect the skin: But in addition to moisturizing the body inside, it is necessary to do it on the outside, since the effects of winter dry the skin, even, causing severe cracks. Hence the importance of using appropriate body creams, as well as lotions for the face, hands and feet.

Disadvantages of pregnant in winter

top Pregnant in winter

With autumn you begin to perceive the gut, it is a good time, away from extreme temperatures that affect the pregnant woman. By the time the cold of winter arrives, the pregnant woman does not suffer the same problems with swollen legs and feet and, surely, she has a calmer pregnancy, without the aggravation of the heat.

But the cold can be both an ally and an enemy if precise precautions are not taken. You have to take care of your health, any cold can lead to something more serious if it is not detected in time and you act accordingly. The woman in a state can not take medication with the same tranquility as before, it will be the doctor who determines what treatment is appropriate. As in everything, the best thing will be prevention, go well sheltered, not to accuse major temperature changes, rest as much as possible and take a good diet, rich in vitamin C. If you fall ill, fever is one of the factors to control since A high and prolonged fever will affect the baby.

Another one of the disadvantages for many of being pregnant in winter is the issue of clothes. Depending on our wardrobe background, we will have to make a greater or lesser investment, but there will always be more spending than in summer, since not all coats serve equally, and the same applies to trousers or sweaters.

Advantages of Pregnant in winter

Discover Pregnant in winter

Despite these drawbacks, being a winter pregnant is what most women who think to conceive prefer, not only to avoid heat stress, basically for the baby itself. And, if we calculate that it is born between March and May, the newborn will no longer have to suffer the rigors of winter, will go towards summer and good weather, which will be noticed in its development. Normally they are stronger children and with fewer health problems in the first months of life, when the cold arrives again the child will be closer to the year and will support it better. Many mothers see another advantage and that is that those born to winter mothers are among the group of the oldest in the class, a difference that is usually relevant in the first years of schooling.

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