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Common mistakes in the diet of a pregnant lady

One of the concerns of a pregnant lady is related to the changes you must make in your diet to ensure the proper development of pregnancy and your baby.

It is true that the extra needs of the organism must be known in the gestation period. But if before a conception a healthy. And balanced diet was made, the changes to be made will be minimal.

The pregnant lady should eat healthy like any other person who takes care of her health.

The most common mistakes that many pregnant lady make

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It is easy to fall into certain feeding errors, when not enough information is available, some may be:

Increase the amount of food to “eat for two”

This is a false myth that must be dismantled. Extra caloric needs can be covered with a healthy snack. Over-feeding can cause overweight in the mother. And increase the risks for the baby.

Do not make changes in the diet if there were nutritional deficiencies in it

Some women before becoming pregnant present absence of fruits or vegetables in their diet. This habit should not continue during the gestation period. As it can hinder the proper development of the fetus.

Decrease the intake or change the food for other diet so as not to get fat

Eating substitute products, low fat or dieting, are common actions in women who do not want to gain too much during pregnancy. This fact can seriously affect the health of the mother and the future baby. Since all the nutrients are necessary for both in this period of development.

Excessive exercise to lose weight

Exercise during pregnancy should be done with moderation, excessive fatigue. And over exertion can be harmful to the health of the mother or fetus.

Weigh yourself daily

In the health centers, as part of the pregnancy monitoring, weight control is performed. The midwife is responsible for informing the woman about the adequacy of the same and dietary guidelines to follow. It is not advisable to obsess over weight gain and generate anxiety that prevents pregnancy.

Avoid salt

Excess sodium can increase fluid retention (present during pregnancy). However a minimum amount of it is necessary for health. It should be used sparingly.

Skip meals

The developing fetus needs its mother to have a relatively stable blood sugar level. When there are long fasts and abundant intakes. Sugar peaks occur that put the baby’s health at risk. The same importance should be given to the snack. Or lunch as to the rest of the meals.

Consume raw fish

Raw fish may contain bacteria or parasites that are harmful to the fetus. It is convenient to avoid its consumption during pregnancy.

Vitamin supplement

The doctor responsible for pregnancy is responsible for prescribing folic acid. Or iron supplement at the right time. It is not necessary to resort to vitamin supplements if a balanced diet is made that includes fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals, meat and fish.

How a pregnant lady should eat

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Before feeding the pregnant lady should only be aware of one thing: there is a living being inside her and therefore. Everything she eats or stops eating will directly affect her development. It is not about relaxing and with the excuse of pregnancy to indulge every whim. But neither should it be an obsession to keep the figure to the point where nutrients are lacking.

Pregnancy is a stage in which the woman must watch especially everything she eats. It is essential to maintain a balanced diet in which foods of all groups are present. That is, cereals, fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs and dairy products.

The important thing is that within the daily diet there is presence of each of these food groups maintaining the balance. That is, you do not have to eat half a loaf of bread with a little tomato.

It is important to take a healthy and balanced diet

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With a healthy diet surely no need to take any kind of supplement. It is true that there are certain nutrients that may have low values ​​because they are more demanded by our body, is the case for example of iron. It will be the doctor who determines, after carrying out the relevant analyzes, whether it is necessary to take a vitamin supplement. What is not going to get rid of any pregnancy is the famous folic acid. It is especially important during the first weeks. Since it is when the baby’s organs are formed and their lack can cause serious problems.

A healthy diet necessarily excludes foods with low nutritional content and high content in fats, refined sugars, pastries, caloric refreshments, caffeine. It is better to discard them. This does not mean that we can not treat ourselves one day. But we must be aware that neither we nor our baby needs it. Since the only thing that can produce us is an excess of weight that will not benefit our son.

Fruits, vegetables and fish: your new favorite foods

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Pregnancy is the time to get down to work as far as healthy eating is concerned. If we were not lovers of fruits and vegetables we should change our habits. And not only in this sense, grilled food will always be better than fried as well as making more meals a day. But in smaller quantities than two or three copious ones. This will not only help us maintain weight. But we will avoid long and heavy digestions that make us feel uncomfortable.

As bad as exceeding food is obsessing with the figure. If the body does not receive the nutrients it needs to meet the baby’s requirements. It will end up using the mother’s reserves, which will be detrimental to the health of both the woman and the developing baby. It is not about eating for two. But knowing that this small life that grows has needs that must be met.

If you have any doubt. It is best to go to the specialist who will guide us on the most appropriate diet during this special time of life.

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