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Preventing Thin Skin Condition With an Amazing Skin Care Regime

It is no secret that as you age your skin begins to lose its natural elasticity. Something that you may have to consider as you get older is the fragile or thin skin condition. Should you have thin skin condition you must be much more careful with your skin. Thin Skin condition leaves you much more vulnerable to scratching, scaring, knocks and bumps.

However there are ways to combat thin skin. The best option is to try and improve your overall vitality. Try to eat more fruit and vegetables which are great for your skin. These types of foods are particularly rich in Vitamins, Nutrients and Anti-Oxidants. Other essentially fatty acids are very important to improve your overall vitality. You can find these types of nutrients in a lot of green vegetables, fruits and berries. Essential fatty acids are best found from fish, nuts and seeds.

It is absolutely essential that you do not follow the next big dieting trend that is in the media. A lot of these diets are completely baseless and you would be much better off simply eating healthily. Although you might lose some weight you will be missing out on an incredibly large amount of essential vitamins, nutrients and fatty acids. By maintaining this balanced diet you will reap the rewards through your skin.

Sun damage is one of the biggest killers for skin. It damages and ages your skin much faster than smoking or alcohol. It has been well documented for many years that the Sun’s UV rays are incredibly damaging for the skin. Unprotected exposure to the sun can prevent regeneration of collagen to the skin.

The sun’s UV rays also create a chemical oxidation process within the skin. The fat deposits then begin a chemical reaction process that will make harmful free radicals appear. These radicals will begin to attack cells within the integumentary system. This is what causes acceleration in the aging process. This is why it is incredibly important that you protect your skin from damaging UV rays. Before going outside make sure to liberally apply sun block to protect yourself.

Another great way to help your skin recover is by using anti aging moisturisers. A product with natural ingredients is essential for healthy skin.

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