Problems and disadvantages

Problems and disadvantages of brainstorming. There are more ideas that are prohibited than those that are generated

Problems and disadvantages- Did you know brainstorming inhibits more ideas than it generates? We have all used brainstorming to generate ideas in a working group. This is a very popular method used for members of a team to express their ideas and concepts. However, brainstorming also generates an environment of conflicts and behaviors that prevent the generation of ideas. Let’s look at the problems and disadvantages of brainstorming

Problems and disadvantages of brainstorming

best Problems and disadvantages

This group technique serves to generate ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. It is about bringing together a group of people and letting them freely express their ideas. When someone says their idea, the other members can build on that idea or criticize it. The goal is to get as many ideas as possible from all the participants. What is a brainstorming usually used for? Good usually to solve some problem. Now with the rise of Internet business and entrepreneurship, many people turn to brainstorming to develop a business idea.

The weakness of brainstorming

the Problems and disadvantages

The main weakness of brainstorming is that it does not take into account the personality and thinking styles of people. This means that its main problem is to assume that we all express ourselves better in public and in a loud voice. People who are shy and who find it difficult to speak in public participate in the brainstorming. These people may have the best ideas on the subject but the dynamics of the exercise does not allow them to express them. Looking at it from that point of view, the problem does not seem so serious. You just have to find a way for timid people to participate more.

However, in the open dynamics of brainstorming, shy people are harmed by people who talk too much. The worst thing that can happen in a brainstorm is having people who want to take over the space completely. People who want to talk only to themselves and who do not let others talk. These people have a latent need to show everyone that they are the ones who know the most, the ones who participate the most. Every time someone else speaks, they have to talk and give an opinion. Generally they will only support their own ideas and try to demean the ideas of others.

In a brainstorm, when several people who talk a lot are found, the exercise becomes a war of egos. The goal of generating ideas is completely lost because everything turns into a discussion about secondary issues. This environment is the worst for shy people, because they will never express any ideas. Instead of having a brainstorming session, we have a debate.

That shy people think quietly when talkers take control

Problems and disadvantages of brainstorming

  • “So that I speak, if there is no space to express ideas”
  • “The objective of this meeting has been lost”
  • “That person talks a lot but does not know anything about the subject”
  • “That person just talks to be noticed”
  • “How lazy this meeting, nothing that is said is in accordance with the objective”
  • “That person only talks to talk but does not contribute anything”
  • “This became a fight of egos in which I do not want to participate”
  • “So they invite me to contribute ideas if they do not let me talk”

With all the above, you can see that brainstorming is not always the best method to generate ideas. In fact I hope you realize because many people do not participate and contribute their ideas. Brainstorming can become a waste of time for many of your participants and the desired objectives are not achieved.

What can we do?

Problems and disadvantages of brainstorming tips

There is a simple variant of brainstorming, called silent brainstorming . This alternative is that the participants do not say their ideas out loud, but write them down on small pieces of paper or post-it. An idea by paper. Each participant, in silence and without arguing with anyone, writes all their ideas about the topic of the session.

Later, the person who directs the session, asks each of the participants to read their ideas and places each paper on a wall or board visible to the whole group. The common ideas that come out among the participants are grouped in areas of the board. With the help of the participants, the best way to group common ideas is chosen.

With grouped ideas, other classifications can be made, such as general solutions to the problem and which are more specific solutions.

Once the ideas are classified and visible to all participants, a discussion space can be opened to clarify, analyze and improve ideas. Timid people will already have reasons to speak, because their idea is already exposed and it will make sense for them to explain it, defend it and accept improvements.

Now, you can apply these techniques for many situations and problems that you want to solve. You can also use them if what you want is to create a company and you do not have much money. That is one of those times when you have to be very creative and open-minded. You can find many examples here on how to do it.


The brainstorming brainstorm, despite being very popular and widely used, in many cases inhibits more ideas than it generates. This is because it does not take into account the personality and the thinking style of the participants. The extroverted people can monopolize all the space trying to show themselves and strengthening their ego. This makes timid or introverted people restrain from participating in the session and we lose all the ideas they have to contribute.

Silent brainstorming is a better alternative to traditional brainstorming. In an atmosphere of silence and in private, all people feel more comfortable expressing their ideas on paper. Once all the ideas are exposed to everyone’s view, it is more feasible for the owner of the idea to actively participate defending his idea and listening to possible improvements.


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