Strategies to promote your business to get customers

13 Efficient strategies to promote your business to get customers

To promote a business, be it a physical store, an online company, or even your services (if you are a translator, consultant, physiotherapist, etc.), you do not need a big fortune or advertise on the best television networks in your country, newspapers or magazines. In this article, we give you 13 efficient strategies to promote your business to get customers.

However, before putting these methods into action, there is something very important that you must discover: who are your customers.

If you know the audience you are targeting, what media they use to inform themselves, what their tastes are, and what age they have, it will be easier for you to identify them and go to them through the correct channels.

How to identify the ideal customer to promote a business?

First, you must thoroughly know your products or services and then think about all those people who would use it and could take advantage of it.

Ask yourself these questions when identifying them:

  • Who is your client? Is it a woman, a man, children, pets? Are they young people, adults, and the elderly?
  • What needs does your client? What are you afraid of losing, or what do you want to gain?
  • Why would your client buy what you offer? How can your product help you solve the problem you have?
  • In what physical places does it move? What social networks do you use? What web pages, newspapers or magazines do you read?

Once you have the answers to those questions, you can complete the profile of your client and really know how it is, and where it moves: on Facebook, Instagram, specialized blogs, magazines, radios, etc.

How to identify the ideal customer to promote a business?


To promote yourself you need a web page

Identifying those potential customers is fine, but where are you going to target these when you hook them with your marketing strategies and are interested in your product?

If you have a physical store, it is assumed that they will go to it to see what you offer.

But what if you promote yourself on social networks? Surely what they will want is to see a sample of your products now, and not have to get dressed if they are at home to travel to your establishment.

That is why it is vital to have a web page or a blog where you can immediately see your products or services (sold or not through the Internet).

Because today the immediacy, the response to the needs of your customers without any waits, is what counts.

Obviously, if you want to promote an online store, that store is your showcase and you will not need more.

But if your business is offline, it is advisable to create a blog or website with a simple and clean design, where you can attract customers to send updates of your new products, offers, and promotions.

Do not forget to include on this page all the possible contact forms you have.

13 efficient strategies to promote your business to get customers

In addition to taking into account the tips we mentioned above, there are other forms of promotion that, combined with researching the profile of your potential client, will also help you to promote your business and reach more people.

  1. Get some business cards
  2. Promotional bookmarks
  3. Use social networks
  4. Make networking
  5. Paste posters
  6. Go to fairs or events in your industry
  7. Register in directories and search engines
  8. Create a newsletter for your clients
  9. Speak at conferences in your sector
  10. Offer live demonstrations
  11. Create a YouTube channel
  12. Collaborate with other businesses
  13. Start a contest

Strategies to promote your business to get customers- 1: Get some business cards

These cards are great promotional tools, and they will not cost you too much. Once you have them, report them to everyone you can (and who can be your potential client): give a few to your friends to distribute them, talk to owners of establishments and ask them if you can leave them there so that their clients can take.Get some business cards

Strategies to promote your business to get customers- 2: Promotional bookmarks

Create a fun bookmark with the link to your website or blog, the name of your brand (or your own) and other contact information, and go to the public library in your city.

Ask the librarian if you can leave some bookmarks there for people to pick up, or if they can give one of your bookmarks to anyone who borrows a book.

Inevitably, the readers of those books will see it and we are sure that many of them, even if only out of curiosity, will enter your website and be interested in your services.

Strategies to promote your business to get customers- 3: Use social networks

Social networks have become a very powerful tool to promote yourself in which you will not have to invest money if you do not have enough budgets.Use social networks

Strategies to promote your business to get customers- 4: Make networking

Networking is simply using your network of contacts to promote yourself.

So talk to friends, family, in forums where you are assiduous, and promote yourself; ask them to talk to their acquaintances about you, and give them some business cards and bookmarks to distribute them.

Strategies to promote your business to get customers- 5: Paste posters

Make simple but attractive posters on your computer with what you offer, the address of your blog or website (and your business if you have one), your contact information, and print them.

Glue them near the places where your target audience moves, and get ready to receive good sales.

Do you have a hairdresser, or are you a hairdresser or makeup artist at home? Glue your posters near women’s clothing stores.

Do you sell pet products? Put them in parks or near veterinary clinics.

Strategies to promote your business to get customers- 6: Go to fairs or events in your industry

The fairs are ideal for contacting people from your industry and letting you know potential buyers or other entrepreneurs with whom to collaborate.

Find out about future events of this type that will be held near you, and go to them with some promotional material to distribute it among the people.Go to fairs or events in your industry

Strategies to promote your business to get customers-7: Register in directories and search engines

A good idea to promote a business is to enroll in business directories and online search engines such as Google or Bing.

In this way, every time someone does a search with words related to your business, products or services, your company will be more likely to appear along with your physical address or the link to your website. To sign up for Google go to Google My Business, and to do so in Bing go to Bing Places for Business.

Strategies to promote your business to get customers- 8: Create a newsletter for your clients

Create a newsletter or newsletter to send updates about your business such as the launch of new products, offers, and promotions, links to a new article that you have published if you have a blog.

For this method, as we said at the beginning of the post, it will be necessary to have a web page and to register for a newsletter sending service.

When you have these two resources, place a subscription box on the main page of your page so that your visitors can enter their emails and subscribe, and show a pop up in the rest of your sections with the same purpose.

Strategies to promote your business to get customers- 9: Speak at conferences in your sector

Entrepreneur conferences, volunteer organizations, libraries, and local business associations often need speakers (speakers or speakers) for their talks or events.

Offer to speak in this type of debates on a specific topic related to your business. You will get popularity for your brand or name, contacts, and you will be promoted thanks to these events.Speak at conferences in your sector

Strategies to promote your business to get customers- 10: Offer live demonstrations

If your product or your services allow it, it is a good idea to do a demonstration to your target audience so they can check live how it works or how you use what you offer.

This strategy usually works better for offline businesses than for virtual companies. If you have a cosmetics store, for example, you can try some products on customers who come to visit you.

If your business is a clothing store, you can organize a small parade in it to attract the attention of your potential customers.

Strategies to promote your business to get customers- 11: Create a YouTube channel

YouTube is a video platform with the most registered users today, and that’s why it has also become a great tool to promote a business or a professional brand.

Open a dedicated channel exclusively for your business (do not upload personal videos!). And record videos in which you talk about your products or services how are any day in your business, etc.Create a YouTube channel

Strategies to promote your business to get customers- 12: Collaborate with other businesses

Collaborating with other businesses in your industry, but selling products or services different from yours can help you to promote yourself and win new customers successfully.

Imagine that you are a web designer: you could contact other entrepreneurs who have blogs where they talk about starting a web page, recommend your services for people interested in buying a design for their pages, and vice versa.

Strategies to promote your business to get customers- 13: Start a contest

Nothing attracts the attention of new clients more than a contest where a company gives something away. Startup you also a raffle where you offer as a reward one of your products or your services.

You can do this for free on social networks: ask your followers to participate to share your publication in their profiles, “like” it and comment.

In this way the contacts of these people will also see your contest, participate in it, and even if it is pure curiosity they will visit your website.Start a contest

We hope you will like these strategies to promote your business. We want your comments and suggestions to promote our ideas. Thank you and have a great day!



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