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Retailers – get ready for the Christmas e-commerce rush

Online shopping has become the most popular method for purchasing Christmas gifts for UK seasonal consumers.

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As a retailer, how can you prepare for this seasonal online rush? 64 per cent of Christmas shoppers in 2017 stated that they would be buying their gifts online, in comparison with just 36 per cent who said they would be shopping in-store.

Set Christmas marketing goals

You will need to identify the specific products or groups of products that you intend to promote through advertising and to feature on your website. How much profit would it bring into your company if you managed to sell out of these products? Ask yourself whether these products were popular last Christmas and whether there will still be a demand this year. You will need to set a realistic goal for your sales strategy to pull it off and to understand exactly how much you can invest in Christmas marketing.

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Fine-tune your website

The last thing you need during the Christmas sales period is a website malfunction, so make sure that every link works by doing an audit. You can use a site audit tool to save time. Use the time before Christmas kicks in to trial marketing opportunities, such as a gift guide in September or a promotional Halloween deal in October. Use this to practise presenting entertaining and informative content to hook in potential customers.

Prepare your landing pages and ensure your site comes up as required in search engine results. Have you secured your delivery options? Make sure your customers have access to the best delivery companies. For those last-minute Christmas shoppers – we all know at least one! – provide the option of a trusted same day courier such as

Promotional work

Are you going to promote your products using direct email to customers? Will you pay for advertising space, and what is the best outlet for attracting custom? Make sure you begin your promotional campaign with plenty of time, ideally having emails drafted and ads secured before Halloween.

Ensure you plan your promotional dates well, taking into account days such as Black Friday that will potentially affect your sales output. On which date will mail promotions be posted and when will you send out emails to returning customers?


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