Risks and consequences of alcohol intake during pregnancy
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Risks and consequences of alcohol intake during pregnancy

Risks and consequences of alcohol intake during pregnancy. With the summer season the desire for outdoor aperitifs returns, but for pregnant women, this pleasant habit can become a serious risk for their child. So how should it be managed? Much better to choose a non-alcoholic drink.

For pregnant women, in fact, it is preferable to avoid alcohol during pregnancy and to say it now are several studies. Our Ministry of Health clearly warns that the alcohol ingested by the mother during pregnancy interferes directly in the fetus, in particular on normal physical and intellectual development, resulting in more or less serious malformations and mental delays depending on the quantity taken. If a pregnant woman consumes alcoholic beverages, alcohol arrives directly through the blood to the placenta and so to the fetus, which is unable to metabolize it because it does not have the right enzymes.

The consequences of alcohol intake during pregnancy

Risks and consequences of alcohol intake during pregnancy

Many studies have shown that taking alcohol during the nine months of gestation can cause serious harm to the child. Among the most commonly mentioned, there are:

-Miscarriage and pre-term parties.

-Organ malformation to the especially if alcohol is taken in the first months of pregnancy when the fetus forms organs.

-Low birth weight: it should be noted that underweight children often have difficulty sleeping, which easily causes states of neurosis, depression, and hyperactivity.

-Changes in skull development, facial deformations, and visual defects.

-Delays in cognitive development or whose severity may vary depending on the amount of alcohol consumed.

Fetal alcohol syndromeRisks and consequences of alcohol intake during pregnancy

The most serious risks of alcohol intake during pregnancy are summarized in the one called alcohol-fetal syndrome e. Children with this syndrome may have heart, bone and hearing problems. When we talk about the “spectrum of fetal alcohol disorders”, a wide range of pathologies found in the child are indicated, caused by the abuse of alcohol during pregnancy.

These pathologies include both physical symptoms such as vision problems, mandibular hypoplasia, and facial deformations, and cognitive symptoms such as:

-Sleep disorders and reduced suction reflex;

-Slow mental development and intellectual deficit;

-Attention and memory disorders;

-Motor disturbances;

-Hyperactivity and impulsivity;

Speech and hearing disorders.

This type of disease can worsen depending on the amount and type of alcohol taken; the symptoms vary according to the period of gestation in which it was taken. And are aggravated if it has been taken with other substances, such as smoking or medicines. Also, the genetic predisposition can negatively influence, like incorrect eating habits.

Unfortunately,y these damages are not curable, so the solution is prevention. Pregnant women should be aware that any type of alcoholic substance, from beer to wine to spirits, can cause damage.

Prevention of alcohol risks during pregnancyRisks and consequences of alcohol intake during pregnancy

The only way to avoid these risks for the child is to warn pregnant women of all possible fetal diseases related to alcohol intake during pregnancy . We must show them that drinks and low-alcohol drinks can be affected, because the child does not have the enzymes to defend himself against the alcohol that arrives directly through the placenta.

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