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Room without windows-Do you have a windowless room at home? So, you have to know that there is a great variety of decoration tricks that will help you to give a cheerful touch to this space and avoid that it looks like a closet or a pantry.

Any stay in your home can be used to the maximum and become a warm and welcoming space. To achieve this, nothing better than implementing some decorating tricks like the ones we will give you below. Next, we will offer you 5 brilliant ideas to decorate a room without windows and that will help you to take advantage of any corner of your house. Take note!

How to decorate a bedroom that has no windows

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If you want to get that windowless room you have at home to become a pleasant place to live and enjoy rest, then you have to pay attention. It is important to take into account a series of tricks and tips to decorate a bedroom without windows  that will help you to give more light and warmth to an enclosed space because, this way, you will get it to become a pleasant and cozy place.

Room without windows in white

To be able to  decorate a blind room or without windows it is essential that you choose to have it white: walls and furniture of this tone. Thus, you will get more light to the room and make it look more spacious and with more light. Avoid putting very dark tones because they would give a feeling of smallness and, instead, opt for warm and bright colors to give clarity to a room without windows  in a surprising way.

The importance of lighting

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In addition to painting the entire room in white , it is also advisable to choose to place different sources of lighting that can give light to any corner . Depending on the use you want to give this area of ​​your home, you should opt for more or less warm lights. For example, if you want the room to be an office or you need to decorate your study room , it is best to install white and bright lights , however, if you want it to be a relaxation area, reading or bedroom, opt for more yellowish lights and tenuous.

Decorate with plants

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Another of the tips that we will give you so you can  decorate a bedroom without windows is that you add a touch of freshness and naturalness. And, for this, nothing better than choosing to place different plants that will give a more welcoming and cheerful. Decorating with plants is a great idea to make any enclosed space have more life and energy, so choose the indoor plant that you like the most!

Mirrors to give spaciousness and light to the room

To decorate a blind bedroom or that does not have windows  you can also give a wider touch to this space by placing some mirrors on the walls. If you decide to decorate with mirrors , you will make the room look bigger but, also, more luminous because the light of the lamps will be replicated thanks to the mirrors. It is a very easy and effective trick that will help you gain meters at home and make the area look much more pleasant.

The importance of decorative details

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And finally, if you want to  decorate a room without windows, it is important that you bear in mind that, in this type of room, decoration acquires a greater prominence than in other rooms in your home. The reason is that, being completely closed, the decorative elements that you place will be much more than in other spaces where the sunlight or the exterior looks.

Therefore, choose to decorate with candles , cushions or recycled decoration that gives a unique and very personal touch to this room. As we have said, mirrors are an ideal option but you can also choose to place paintings or paintings with exterior landscapes that will give your room more freshness.

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