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Save those scraps

If you have lots of leftover fabric from various projects, don’t throw them away! You’ll be amazed at how many creative things you can make with a few scraps of material. Keep a box or container for all your odd bits and bobs and one rainy afternoon, make something adorable as a gift for some, using your hoard of scraps. You never know when that box of scraps will come in handy for all manner of other projects too. The beauty of a scrap box is that it helps make sewing a great economically viable pastime.

Did you know that in less than a couple of hours, you could design and make pillow covers with diagonally positioned strips of scraps of material? The old saying ‘waste not, want not’ is certainly true in this case. It’s a great way to make totally unique gifts for family and friends too. You could make some beautiful designs for any room in your house including kitchens, bathrooms or even a new area of your home. For a bigger space to do your craft maybe try a Loft conversion Bristol company which can be found at . Craft ideas are also a perfect way to introduce children to the imagination and creativity of sewing with so many fun and easy ideas online of things to create with leftover fabric.

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Handmade items made from fabric scraps make perfect hostess gifts at any time of year. For example, it’s easy to make fabric coasters, wine bottle covers, bespoke kitchen towels and special table napkins. Instead of wrapping gifts in paper, make some simple but pretty fabric gift bags with a drawstring top. Design yourself a pincushion or make small soft animals for the little ones. The only limit is your imagination.

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Here are some more ideas for cute things to make from scraps. All simple, quick and easy-to-follow patterns can be found online:

Coin purse – super simple and requires less than half a yard of fabric. perfect for storing travel cards, jewellery or some loose change.

Easter baby bunny – Adorable soft bunny rabbits complete with their own miniature quilt make the perfect gift for little ones this Easter.

Matryoshka Doll – inspired by the Russian stacking dolls, any little girl would find this gift totally gorgeous. Could there be a better use for those old scraps?

Mobile Phone Wrist Purse – Tired of trying to find a pocket big enough to carry your phone in? Worried about it being stolen from a handbag? Well, this easy yet practical wristlet will solve your mobile carrying issues and look super attractive to boot.

Jewellery Pouch – What could be handier than a jewellery pouch that doubles up as a weekend travel bag too? With different pouches for different things, you can keep all your bits and pieces nicely organised and safe.

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