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Seven snapchat tips and tricks be an expert

With the 7 tricks, you will be able to perfect your Snapchat skills. Snapchat has become the social network media. With more than one hundred million active users every day, a figure that continues to rise. If you decided to download this application or you already have it. You do not know how it works, here are seven Snapchat tips and tricks that will make you an expert. 

Snapchat tips and tricks

Snapchat tips and tricks

1. Use texts in various colors. To be able to write several letters in different colors, select the character you want to change the tone and choose the color in the palette.

2. Expand the range of colors. At the time of writing or drawing, you can choose more colors than those that come in the palette. To do so move your finger across the color bar: from top to bottom to choose the tone, to the left to lighten it and down to darken it.

3. Combine more than one filter at a time. When you choose the filter, you want to use, press the screen with one finger and another until you choose another filter. With this method, you can also combine filters with stamps or any other element.

4. Videoconference in real time. Talk face to face live with your contacts; you only need that both you and the other person are with the chat open at the same time. At that moment the send button will turn blue and if you keep it pressed the video conference mode will be activated.

5. I added videos and photos from your gallery. Currently, some applications allow you to send via Snapchat photos and videos that do not come from the application’s camera. One of the most famous applications of this type is Media to Share, for Android, or SnapShare, for iOS.

6. Add friends through the Snapcode. In Snapchat you can add friends in several ways: from our contacts, looking for the user or, the least known, through a snap code capture. To do so, focus on the Snapchat camera while keeping the code pressed.

7. I added more text than allowed to your photos. Select a blank line of text in the phone’s notepad and copy it to the clipboard. Then, paste it on Snapchat (where the text goes) and manually move the cursor to the next line.

A brief introduction to Snapchat


Although I do not want this post to be very long, it is inevitable to put yourself in context about Snapchat. So you know what this is all about. Voucher? But we are going to make it more fun, in plan “tips”:

  • If you do not know what Snapchat is, you should go to the doctor. Your level of perception of the environment fails. Everyone is talking about it! (By the way, you have a Pokémon in your nose, take it off).
  • Snapchat is a mobile application / social network that already has more than 200 million users, and that has positioned itself among the top 10 of the global mobile Apps.
  • It was created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown at Stanford University in 2010 in the face of criticism and “yuck” from their peers.
  • They called her Pikaboo, luckily they changed it later.
  • It is characterized because its content is deleted after viewing it or within 24 hours of having published it. Amos, who is as fleeting as a rock.
  • It is mainly used by teenagers or adults pretending to be teenagers again.
  • It’s yellow, its logo is a ghost, and there are also ghosts using it. As everything.
  • Face with its worldwide growth. All Marketers and people in business are dying to find ways to exploit their potential regarding Marketing.

You see? That’s it, more or less you already know a lot about Snapchat. Now in a cafe, you can “give the hit” of not only having downloaded it … hahaha. Download Snapchat APK and iOS from here.

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