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Six considerations when buying a grease trap

Any commercial food business requires a grease trap to prevent fats, oils and grease from entering the surrounding drainage and sewage systems and when purchasing a grease trap, there are certain things you should consider in advance of making your equipment choice.

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There are strict guidelines surrounding grease traps, so make sure the equipment you purchase meets with the local authority specifications, as the consequences could involve your business receiving a fine.


Consider where your grease trap will go and how much space you have for it to be fitted. In large cities where space is at a premium, alternative locations such as basements may be an option, but you will need to check where your equipment can be installed in advance of making your selection.

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This will depend on the size of your business and the amount of food you are producing each day and also to a certain extent, what type of food. Companies such as provide stainless steel grease traps and can advise you on the best one to suit your needs.


It is worth investing in good quality equipment so that it lasts and is up to the job. You don’t want to be buying a new grease trap every couple of years. In previous years, grease traps were made of concrete, but this material didn’t wear well over time, so now there are other options including stainless steel.

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Spare parts

Equipment that is used on a daily basis inevitably goes wrong occasionally and requires servicing. Make sure the grease trap you go for has a good after-sales service option so that any problems can be rectified as soon as possible, and to ensure you are not waiting weeks for a spare part. In some cases this could temporarily close down your business.

Installation costs

The installation costs will be on top of the grease trap cost, so make sure you get a quote for the fitting and the maintenance, as you may be better off spending a little more on a larger capacity grease trap, which will ultimately cost you less in the long run.

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