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Six Little-Known Garage Door Facts

The garage door. It keeps your car dry and ensures the dust on your home gym equipment lays undisturbed (yes, we know you haven’t touched those weights in months). While the garage door might not be the most exciting part of your home, it has a history that goes further back than your unused treadmill.

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It’s French

The word garage comes from the French word “garare”, which means shelter. You might need that little nugget in the next pub quiz.

The Birth of the Garage Door

The up-and-over garage door feels like it is a modern concept. In fact, the garage door that goes up and over was actually invented in 1921. A man named CG Johnson patented the idea together with his wife, and the first garage door as we know it toured the trade fairs of the United States.

The Automatic Garage Door

The automatic door surely is a contemporary invention, isn’t it? No. In 1926, good old CG Johnson was at it again with automatic up-and-over doors. He invented sensitive plates for the car to drive over, triggering the opening of the door. So next time it’s raining and you open your garage door from your warm and dry car, give a nod to old CG Johnson.

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The Material Revolution

So the garage door is older than we think. What about the materials used for said doors? This time, it wasn’t until the 1970s that materials used for garage doors began to change. Until then, they had been mainly built with wood. But the revolution in materials brought steel, fibreglass and aluminium garage doors. For more material inspiration for your garage door, ask a company like to see what they have available.

When Is a Garage Not a Garage?

Many people now convert garages into another room in the house. In Barnet garage door installation companies can help if you need one. Have a look around for the right door for your needs and a decent quote.

The Float-over

One more history fact: 1902 saw the first float-over door from American manufacturers. That’s over 100 years ago! Who would have thought that the everyday garage door had such a long history? Whatever your garage is used for, there is sure to be the right door for you.

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