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Sky confirm that no satellite dishes will be needed by the end of the year

The world of TV entertainment moves quickly, and Sky is the latest innovator in the industry to announce that its full entertainment experience will be available without the need for any satellite dish this year. The launch will happen first in Italy and then be rolled out to other countries via a schedule of upgrades.

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The development will see the Sky Q TV and video package being offered to viewers without any need to buy and install satellite dishes. Instead, a set-top box will be introduced that will deliver Sky programming via broadband.

The news was first released as part of the company’s annual financial results communication in January. However, although the news will be exciting for fans, it may be some time until it is widely available in the UK. The rollout roadmap begins in Italy before moving to Austria and takes in other countries along the way before focusing on the UK. At this time, BT TV will be using its set-top boxes to offer Sky services and the Now TV app. The move will help to make it easier for customers to see the content that they want.

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Accessing Sky

Another way to access content from Sky TV is through the Now TV app and service, which provides a taster of Sky programming via a set-top box or through the internet. The new Now TV streaming stick is also available at £15 for an enhanced experience.

The move means that millions of customers who might like to enjoy the Sky TV experience can do so, without needing the dish of old. This was sometimes impossible to install, for example, on rental homes or apartments, where TV aerial installation Bath services might usually be possible. Find out more at:

Exclusive programming

Sky is planning to follow in the footsteps of Amazon and Netflix and produce its own films under the new Sky Cinema Original Films brand. This will further build on its bank of more than 1,000 films available through its on-demand streaming service –

The first films on the roster are Monster Family, which will be coming out in March. The following month will see The Hurricane Heist launched. The film service will be made available to customers at no extra cost on top of their movie package.


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