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Social networks play an important job to connect the media with the audience, unfortunately many times the brands or companies have no idea what they are getting into when they open their social networks and perform a terrible management of social media . If we add to this that they hire an intern who does not have the experience to carry the social media of the brand many times it will end in disaster.

Mariana Huerta asked me some questions which I answered from my social media experience and it seemed a good idea to share the analysis with you because if you are here it is sure that you need to know the answer to any or all of the questions presented.

What is the role of social networks in the media?

Social networks in the media

Social networks serve to act as an intermediary by initiating a direct communication between the media and its users to generate a greater level of trust and comfort among them.

Do you consider that the media and journalists currently use these networks properly?

No. Since the majority are dedicated only to republish what they already put in the media within social networks without taking into account the complaints, comments and opinions of all their audience who follow them and have the interaction in the networks. It is very important to pay attention to this point, because by not paying attention, the opportunity to generate new followers is wasted and at the same time fans are lost.

The theoretical

Much of this issue is given by the ignorance of what are really one or another thing, theorist Orihuela (2008), specifies that social networks are “web-based services that allow their users to interact, share information, coordinate actions and In general, keep in touch. ”

Basically, the purpose of these platforms is to increase personal relationships through tools that together applications such as videos and texts, help to keep us closer with our family, friends, partner, employees, workers, etc.

The debate occurs when we see the close relationship between the media and the RRSS. Although, we know that the media have had to be up to date with technology and the demands of the public, in networks, spontaneity and truthfulness is a topic that newspapers or television channels can match.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of social networks for journalism?

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The advantage of social networks is to establish direct communication, obtain information in record time and avoid the transfer of personnel thanks to the fact that a third party can act as a spokesperson for an event.

The disadvantages of social networks is one and that means must be very careful in what is published because something with a small double meaning or written with malice can unleash a virtual world war on the environment. So be it for having forgotten to write a comma.

Considering both the possibility of seeking / disseminating information and interaction with the public,

how would you advise a journalist to optimize the use of their networks?

Being a profile of a character or public medium subject to criticism is important to respect before anything else. From there on out is to use the social network as if you were on the street interacting with anyone. There are tools that can help locate localized trends on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram which can also help the journalist or media to be closer to their followers and non-followers but potential readers although here it is a matter of creating their own pattern of I work because the tools are there and the possibilities, although they are finite, are too many and you can basically rely on them to locate, disseminate, organize or take certainty about information in moments.

What are the main mistakes of journalists when using these spaces?

  • Not knowing what social networks to have. There are many and each one serves an end.
  • Even having the social network indicated, not knowing how to use social networks to create interaction with the interested party in listening to the medium.
  • Use social networks to create interaction but in a bad way as having multifaceted personalities.
  • Do not moderate the language, I reiterate, they are more public than Juan Perez Coyote and we have to take care of every word.

What advantages do some networks offer compared to others? (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Periscope)

Geez this answer would take me a lot to write it. They are all different, maybe the only one that would not vote much would be Instagram and Periscope for being stupidly limited to a low pivot range while Twitter would be the best place because they can even local something you wrote from a search on Google and Facebook secondly by the fact that it is the social network par excellence that everyone has, its advantage is that you need to be a member to have access and you will not be indexed in Google so unless you are a member and follow the person is the only way to know and engage Contact.

What is the best way to attract audiences to a medium through their networks?

First of all be creative, have a beautiful and attractive image, have excellent content preferably focused on a niche of people or several similar niches and to finish and have a rapid growth there is no way to Buy advertising in each medium. At least Twitter and Facebook allow you to do so for a cost not too crazy to say.

What elements make a publication in networks more attractive for users? (hashtags, videos, photos, tags, etc)

A yellow title or an invitation-type title “you have to read” . No matter if they do not have an image, HT or video, people will enter.

What is, in general, the best time / day to publish on networks?

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Monday and Tuesday the hours from 8 to 11 for people of medium and high economic level with a high school level. Thursday, Friday and Saturday for those who do not meet the previous requirement and have lower levels. This is because people of medium and high economic level work and when they do not work they dedicate their time to entertainment, especially on weekends, then Monday and Tuesday are the days when they feed on the new and as the week goes by they are using less social networks until the following Monday.

Responsibility in social networks

Many debate whether the laws that apply in the press, radio or TV should be applied in the well-known social platforms because they are part -or a mechanism- of the traditional media, and although the web has its own laws and customary regulations, it must issue information It includes ethical and legal commitments that many of the so-called contents should follow. There are infinities of laws that governments have wanted to implement thinking about the regulation of online information, the distribution of content, the right to privacy and exposure of sources and of course, censorship. -This is seeing it from the media side to the web-

From the web to the media, there are more advantages than cons. Big data, speed, segmentation, hash tags, relocation, etc., have made it easier to be a “digital medium” than to be a medium that migrated to digitization.

Social networks and traditional media

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Today Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Periscope are the platforms most used by the media in a kind of “bridge” that connects with users more directly and more dynamically, which in the end translates into closeness and comfort.

Although the latter is the end of any media relationship with the public, the truth is that it has not yet reached there. Re tweeting, and reposing is a waste of time when you do not respond to complaints or do not take into account the comments made in these ways, because the interaction generates new followers, engagement and grows virtual communities.

The reality is that the media are at a disadvantage, platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Periscope offer alternative ways of informing that the media have not yet been able to take advantage of. How is it possible for someone to consider Twitter to be a unidirectional channel? Or that if I leave my account inactive for a few weeks nothing will happen – as if spam, virtual noise or becoming slowly slowly was not real-

Finally, today, 70% of the population with Internet access are part of a social network. This new form of communication has become one of the most important ways in which the world communicates. The lines of time and space have become blurred because media such as Twitter and Face book give us the possibility to share any event of our lives with people or friends who live in other countries or time zones. That is, the separation becomes blurred. We can call this concept immediacy also demonstrated in the new form of accessibility of the art provided by Google. Art Proyect is a website created by Google to be able to visit the best museums or cultural areas of the world in a virtual way. All you need is a computer and internet connection.

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