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Some of the most influential Photographers in history.

Since its invention in the later eighteen hundreds, the use of the camera to take photographs has become an essential part of our memory and existence. It is not just how news stories or how events in history of the globe have been recorded it is also how we have recorded our own lives and have been able to keep the memory of friends and family in a quick snapshot of a time alive forever. You do have to wonder if Dr Fox-Talbot ever imagined how important his simple invention, made because he couldn’t draw very well, would be such a huge impact on our lives some 150 years after he created it. Taking a photo is an art form and one of the most important series of photos that can ever be taken is that of your wedding day. A Luxury Wedding Photographer Bournemouth way should be your first choice to make sure it is done properly. Some people who influenced how photography has progressed are:

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  1. Ansel Adams. You will have seen his work in many places especially as a lot of it has ended up as posters. Adams photographed nature, namely the parks of North America, in all their glory but rather than do this in colour he took them in black and white creating clear and powerful images.
  2. Richard Avedon. If Adams was landscapes then Avedon was more about colour and most importantly fashion. He rewrote what could be done by using provocative images.
  3. Diane Arbus. Her work centered on those in society that are unusually or different changing the view that every photo had to be of the perfect and the normal.

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  1. David Bailey. His name, at least in the UK, has always been synonymous with photography. Anyone with a posh camera would get the comment, “Who do you think you are? David Bailey!”  Bailey was the face of photography in the Swinging Sixties. Bands like the Rolling Stones and it girl models like Twiggy were constantly under his lens.
  2. Annie Lebowitz. Like Bailey Lebowitz was a photographer of the movers and shakers. With a place at Rolling Stone magazine she was able to have her pick of the rock and pop stars through the ages.
  3. Don Mcullen. War as a subject is difficult to record. The Boer war and the Great War were the first proper conflicts to be shown but it was the Vietnam war and the work of Cullen that cemented it in the conscious of the public.


These are but a few examples of the art form that is photography. Yours are just as important.


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