Strawberry protein mousse

Strawberry protein mousse

Strawberry protein mousse. Neither sweets are forbidden in a healthy diet, nor does everything have to be chocolate. One of the biggest advantages of a varied diet is that we can use some fruits to make desserts or delicious snacks. In this case, today’s recipe will discover a healthy way to prepare a protein mousse of strawberries and whipped cheese.

I am aware of how boring it is to have fresh cheese whipped with nothing to accompany it, so to make it much tastier, we will bet on the strawberries.

An easy and quick recipe to make

Strawberry protein mousse

If I tell you that you will not take more than 10 minutes to do it, do you believe me? Also, you’re only going to need 3 ingredients. What more can you ask? You will not need to use sugar or any sweetener since strawberries will provide the sweet taste we are looking for. So we will have a high protein recipe, low in fat and no added sugars. In case you do not like fresh whipped cheese, you can incorporate Greek or natural yogurt. Maybe it’s a bit more bitter but just as good! Without a doubt, you have a perfect snack to take before or after training. It is one of the best tips for Strawberry protein mousse.


Strawberry protein mousse

-500 grams of strawberries

-500 grams of fresh cheese whipped 0%

-6 sheets of gelatin



-In a bowl, add cold water and introduce the gelatin sheets until they are soft.


Strawberry protein mousse

-With the help of a blender or a Thermomix, grind all the strawberries until they have the consistency that you like the most.

-Next, heat this puree to 60º C so that when we add the gelatin, it dissolves.


-To the mixture of strawberries and gelatin, add the fresh beaten cheese (or Greek yogurt failing). Re-mix with the Thermomix so that a homogeneous mass remains.


-In glass jars, add the strawberry mousse and put them in the refrigerator for about 3 hours.

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