Sunglasses for children: here's how to choose the right ones

Sunglasses for children: here’s how to choose the right ones

Sunglasses for children: here’s how to choose the right ones. Summer. Time of sea, sun and long hours spent in outdoor activities. Natural in these cases take care to protect the skin of children, not only with high sunscreen factor creams. The same attention, however, is not always dedicated to the eyes that, although equally sensitive, are likely to be neglected.

Because sunglasses for children are importantSunglasses for children: here's how to choose the right ones

The eyes of the children are, in fact, delicate and, especially in development until the age of 6-7 years, even more, sensitive than those of adults. Ultraviolet rays can hit the retina and damage it, so it would be appropriate for children from the first years of life to get used to wearing sunglasses, especially during their time on the beach or in the mountains.

It is important, however, that eyewear is a true optical product and not a toy, perhaps with eye-catching colors and designs but without lenses that, although dark, are not able to effectively filter UV rays. The dark lenses, necessary to shield the radiations, cause, in fact, the dilatation of the pupils; in the absence of effective filters, solar radiation can then penetrate and damage the eye.Sunglasses for children: here's how to choose the right ones

The protracted exposure to sunlight, especially in places with a lot of reverberation, can cause acute inflammation of the conjunctiva and the cornea with symptoms such as swelling, pain, tearing and sensation of sand in the eyes. In this case, it is better to consult the ophthalmologist, who will know how to prescribe the appropriate therapy.

In the case of mundane disorders, perhaps due to the wind or a temporary irritation, in children as in adults, it is possible to instill a few drops of soothing and refreshing eye drops. However, general precautions should be taken not to enter the water if you wear contact lenses or if you have an eye infection.

How to choose sunglasses for children?Sunglasses for children: here's how to choose the right ones

First of all, attention to the frames and the shape of the lenses. Which must be in line with their needs. The frame should not exceed the lower edge of the child’s eyebrows. In the lower part should not touch the cheekbones. And the sides should not go beyond the outer corners of the eyes. The glasses should also fit well on the baby’s nose so that they do not slip. The temples should be free of sharp edges and flexible to adhere to the child’s head.

The frame material should finally be soft and elastic, strong but light, as well as hypoallergenic and non-toxic. In fact, younger children could easily bring their rods to their mouths.Sunglasses for children: here's how to choose the right ones

The shape of the lenses should be such as to guarantee a wide field of vision. The same precautions apply to prescription lenses: often, in fact. We do not think that children should always look upwards to relate to adults. For sunglasses for children, it is better to choose plastic or unbreakable lenses.

As far as shielding is concerned, it is important to make sure that the lenses are able to filter the radiation, as indicated by an index (variable from 1 to 4) that should always be reported on the lenses. Each eyewear should also include the CE mark which guarantees compliance with European manufacturing standards.


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