Swag Style Clothing For Women

Swag Style Clothing For Women

The outrageous swag style originated in the poorest African-American quarters, but also in America it appealed too many. Extravagant bright girls from him just crazy! Preferred swag-image fashionistas are bold individuals with high self-esteem who adore attention. An eccentric style of dressing is inextricably linked with rap, with hip-hop culture. The abundance of jewelry: large earrings, rings, massive chains, rhinestones, artificial stones, lots of tattoos, piercings, acid shades in clothes, catchy and even causing makeup – all these are integral parts of swag style.

Adherents of this direction neglect the norms in force in society; ignore the rules of behavior, as well as any conventions associated with the choice of clothing. They focus on individuality. It manifests itself as deliberate negligence and even chaos in the image: in clothes, hair, accessories.

Swag Style Clothing For Women

Swag-image for girls

For young people, swag was not just a style, but a way to “get into people”: to build up from the common gray mass, to get out of the shadow, to shine like a diamond. Quite a few celebrities in their photo shoots for the gloss, in the clips, have experimented with the image swag. Among them are Snoop Dogg, Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Rita Ora, Farrell Williams, and others. Thus, the answer to the question of who the swag girl is lies, in fact, on the surface. These are free and relaxed beauties, who are guided in their preferences and views of the currently popular swag-culture.

Those who still have no idea what the fan of this style should be in the wardrobe should remember the main thing: swag girl does not follow the trends, but create them! The direction in fashion, by the way, is set not by the designers, but by the musicians playing the “black” music. Some of them even produce their own collections of clothing/accessories.

Swag Style Clothing For Women

A kaleidoscope of bright images

Among clothing manufacturers, the Obey brand is considered to be the flagship of the trend, specializing in creating collections intended for adherents of this subculture. In addition, swaggers literally adore famous brands: large Louis Vuitton logos, Chanel on things and accessories for them are a real must have.

The swag style for girls cannot be imagined without the symbolism of sports teams: numbers, logos, abbreviations. Prints put on hoodies, shirts, hoodie, t-shirts, sweaters. Among the things that can be safely attributed to the mandatory attributes of this style:

  • Faded ripped jeans. They certainly occupy the first place. The design depends only on the preferences and features of the figure. It may be actual boyfriends or trendy skinny. A characteristic feature of the pants – the lowest possible fit. Do not do without a variety of decorative elements: rivets, chains, cuts.
  • Sports pants made of knitwear or other elastic material. They are complemented with stripes, sewn from fabrics of acid shades.
  • They are the hallmark of the image. Successfully look short spectacular shorts, showing all the feminine charms, complete with T-shirts, with tunics, with any voluminous top.

Swag Style Clothing For Women

  • Skin tights or leggings.
  • Hoodies Baggy (oversize) models with a hood of stretching knitwear of any length. The volume top is combined with skinny pants, mini shorts.
  • Dresses they are quite relevant in the swag-style, but not in its traditional version. Often these are bandage models that emphasize the seductive curves of the female body or the shapeless original tunics of an insanely bright color palette.
  • T-shirts and T-shirts. Aged in neutral tones, they are certainly complemented by large prints, logos, and often provocative inscriptions.
  • Footwear: sneakers, trainers, armrests should be bright and extravagant. High-heeled shoes or hidden platform designs are also ideal for creating such looks.
  • Beanie hats from knitwear, baseball caps with inscriptions.

Swag Style Clothing For Women

Important details of the swag style: features, photo

Swag style is not limited to fashionable clothes. Girls who want to be in trend should pay special attention to other important details: hair, makeup, tattoos, piercing, manicure, emphasizing belonging to this subculture.

  • Hairstyle. Among the representatives of the female part of the swag-community, colorful shades of hair, including color combination coloring, are relevant. Asymmetric designs are welcome, and for those who prefer outrageous options – haircuts “under zero”. Very often girls just shave their whiskey. This is one of the most popular trends in 2019. Perhaps the main conclusion regarding hair: do what you like exactly and do not be afraid to stand out from the crowd.
  • Tattoo. The drawings on the skin, above all, should not look cheap. The famous master, high-quality paint, constant care will be the key to success. To create a SWAG-image will help not only images but also inscriptions. A skilled specialist works on fonts as scrupulously as he does on ornaments. Swag tattoo is quite democratic, so there are no special requirements here. But everything should be done in the same style, expensive and high quality.
  • Manicure. In the context of swag marigold – the most important part of the appearance. Today nail art has reached such a level that modern girls can create drawings of any complexity on the surface of the nail plate. The main thing that everything was done with taste.
  • Makeup. Both the most natural and ultra bright make-up are allowed. The latter is much more popular. It is characterized by false eyelashes, large arrows clearly highlighted eyebrows, sensual lips, and “wrapped up” lipstick of bright, perfectly pigmented tones. Both in that and in other case saturated and equal tan is welcomed.

Swag Style Clothing For Women

Swag Style accessories

A cap is a headdress worn by both sexes at any time of the year. Girls often replace it with a knitted hat, decorated with spectacular decor: sequins, beads, pompon, and prints. The appearance of the girl is complemented by massive accessories: multi-colored bracelets, chains of metal, plastic, leather. Be sure to – stylish sunglasses, the rim of which is abundantly decorated with rhinestones or stones. An indispensable attribute is a voluminous backpack with the metal decor.

Swag Style Clothing For Women

In the swag-image, every little thing should be thought out. This style attracts with its brightness, eccentricity. Do you want to replenish the multimillion army of his supporters? The choice is yours.

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