Symptoms of pregnancy: how to take care of yourself
Pregnancy Care

Symptoms of pregnancy: how to take care of yourself

Symptoms of pregnancy: how to take care of yourself. In the last 50 years, our society has made great strides in the medical-scientific field, improving our lives in many ways. But, as often happens, alongside the undoubted advantages has been developed in parallel a tendency to medicalize more. And more even the normal phases physiological women, especially pregnancy. If it is right to take particular care of oneself in such a beautiful. And the important moment, one must not forget that pregnancy is a natural event that has been perpetuated since the dawn of time.

Fixing the mind on possible risks or pathologies fuels anxieties that stimulate the production of cortisol, an inflammatory hormone that if in excess can damage both the mother. And the fetus: it is not by chance in all the world’s cultures to protect expectant women from fears. And negative emotions were considered the most important thing. Normally, however, a physiological pregnancy does not need. But a few exams and rules that follow the common sense: here are the most important.

Medical examinations to be doneSymptoms of pregnancy: how to take care of yourself

Among the medical tests recommended at the beginning of pregnancy, there are those aimed at ascertaining the presence. Or not of antibodies against rubella and toxoplasmosis, two diseases that, if contracted in the first trimester – before the placenta develops – can create serious problems. And malformations to the fetus. The test is performed with a simple blood sample and the response is rapid and decisive: the presence of antibodies indicates that the maternal immune system is well armed against those diseases. And that, consequently, there is no reason to worry. Otherwise, the doctor will provide useful information to avoid harm to the fetus.

As for information on the risk of genetic alterations, in addition to tests such as villocentesis. And amniocentesis – which is carried out by the amniotic fluid. Or chorionic villi and present some abortive risk, albeit low – today exists the Pretest, which consists in a maternal blood sample to be taken after the eleventh week of pregnancy when particles of fetal DNA coming from the placenta cell turnover already circulate in the mother’s blood. And it allows detecting the most frequent chromosomal anomalies. It is one of the best tips for symptoms of pregnancy.

Medications during pregnancySymptoms of pregnancy: how to take care of yourself

In general, drugs that are not strictly necessary should be abolished in the first trimester of pregnancy, in particular analgesics. And anti-inflammatories that can significantly increase (up to 7 times, according to some research) the risk of spontaneous abortions, but also antitussive drugs and expectorant.

The effect of drugs on the developing fetus also depends on the gestational phase: the most critical is that between the third. And the eighth week of pregnancy – a period in which the organs of the fetus are formed, which could undergo anatomical malformations, metabolic alterations. Or permanent functional defects. Even after the eighth week, however, it is good to avoid the use of drugs as much as possible. Because although they do not cause abnormalities. Or malformations in the fetus, they can alter the functions of the organs. And tissues already formed.

The drugs to be avoided absolutely are the painkillers, the non-steroidal anti-inflammatories ( acetylsalicylic acid and nimesulide ) which, if taken too often, can cause the closure of an arterial duct that connects the blood circulation of the fetus with that of the mother, preventing the inflow of the maternal oxygenated blood to the organs of the unborn child.

In addition, nasal decongestants based on ephedrine, naphazoline, imidazoline. And preparations containing codeine or other opioids, used in the vicinity of childbirth can cause respiratory depression in the newborn. It is one of the best tips for symptoms of pregnancy.

Natural remedies

Better to replace the drugs with natural remedies, to be taken under medical supervision, especially regarding herbs and their extracts or essential oils, which can, however, interfere with the body chemistry. Absolutely discouraged, for example, it is ginger, which according to some research could have an abortive effect. It is one of the best symptoms of pregnancy.

The importance of nutrition during pregnancySymptoms of pregnancy: how to take care of yourself

A research conducted in 2016 at the Bambin Gesu Hospital in Rome. And at the Meyer University in Florence found that in three years the cases (from 42 to 126) of vitamin B12 deficiency in pregnancy have tripled – with the risk of permanent neurological damage to the newborn – mainly due to vegan and vegetarian diet , without this eating style being adequately compensated in the substances of which it is lacking, such as the aforementioned vitamin.

This does not mean that one has to overturn one’s eating style or – as the pregnant woman once advised – “eat for two”. But simply that a fetus needs to have all the substances necessary for its development: proteins, amino acids, mineral salts, good fats, and many vitamins. The rule, therefore, is to eat healthy, varied. And listen to the “cravings”, which are not whims but real messages. Or the only way that the body has to communicate what he needs at that time.

In general, it is good to reduce the consumption of Solanaceae (tomatoes, peppers, and aubergines). And crustaceans, which increase the production of inflammatory histamine. And consult the doctor on the opportunity to take natural supplements or not, to avoid the risk of stuffing haphazardly of substances that can interfere with the metabolism of mother and fetus. The spirits and the tobacco are absolute to be avoided. It is one of the best tips for symptoms of pregnancy.

Sex in pregnancy

Except for special cases of medical relevance, marital sex in pregnancy is not only allowed. But also recommended, because it exerts a positive effect on the psychological. And relational level on the couple, and constitutes a “toning gym” for the female pelvic structures. Eliminating it for unfounded fears damages the relationship. And makes the partner feel abandoned or rejected, triggering hidden resentments that can alter both the marital relationship. And that with the child. It is one of the best tips for symptoms of pregnancy.

The sportSymptoms of pregnancy: how to take care of yourself

In the absence of particular problems, such as blood loss, abnormal positioning of the placenta or contractility of the uterine walls, a moderate sporting activity can do well. Because in addition to toning the blood circulation improves breathing, increasing the oxygenation of the blood that reaches the fetus; moreover, according to a Canadian research published in the journal Obstetrics. And Gynecology, moderate physical activity seems to reduce the risk of cesarean section by 20%. And by 31% that of giving birth to an overweight child from birth.

Of course, sports that expose to falls or traumas and violent exercises, such as horse riding, martial arts, almost all team sports, but especially scuba diving, which can cause birth defects to the fetus are obviously to be avoided.

Among the recommended sports are the special gymnastics specific for pregnant women, water aerobics, swimming, and walking, which contrast the venous stasis in the lower limbs. And promote sleep. In any case, it is always good to pay attention to any alarm bells, such as contractions to the lower abdomen, “hard” tummy. Or blood micro-bleed, which impose the immediate cessation of the activity. And must be referred to the gynecologist.

Flying during pregnancy

Traveling by plane is not risky for pregnant women up to the 37th week of pregnancy ( 32 ° for twin pregnancies). But it is better to limit yourself to flights lasting less than 4 hours. And to do circulatory stimulation exercises – as small walks or exercises on site – every half hour to prevent blood clots in the legs. Or pelvis or deep vein thrombosis. It is one of the best tips for symptoms of pregnancy.

Self-care during pregnancy

Since pregnancy is not a “disease”, but a wonderful experience for every woman in good physical. And mental health, there is no reason to neglect one’s appearance. Or to abandon wellbeing practices such as messages: just take some precautions. And rely on expert and qualified hands.

The back and leg massages also relieve the muscular tensions responsible for the typical gravitic backache, promote drainage of fluids, improve circulation. And skin elasticity, preventing the appearance of hated stretch marks, while abdominal massages should be limited with slight overflows, to avoid the risk of inducing uterine contractions. It is one of the best tips for symptoms of pregnancy.

Creams and cosmeticsSymptoms of pregnancy: how to take care of yourself

Choosing carefully what we apply on the skin is always important. But it is even more pregnant because the skin absorbs everything that we apply (creams, gels, make up). And conveys it to all the cells. To avoid risks it is better to save on quantity than on quality, buying only natural-based cosmetics. And carefully read the contents on the attached sheets. For example, they are anti-acne creams containing retinoic acid – which can cause embryo malformations – or large concentrations of glycolic acid. It is one of the best tips for symptoms of pregnancy.

Oils for the body

On the skin, it is good to apply only oils obtained from food substances, such as sweet almond oil. Or wheat germ. Essential oils are to be avoided, in particular, those of nutmeg, cypress, marjoram, sage, thyme, oregano, fennel, rosemary, cinnamon, basil. Or camphor, while those of lavender and chamomile can be used with tranquility. It is one of the best tips for symptoms of pregnancy.

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