• 7 natural remedies for pimples

    7 natural remedies for pimples

    8 natural remedies for pimples. Are you looking for homemade remedies to defeat the pimples? Here you are 8 really effective solutions and all natural, excellent against the pimples, easy to prepare and very cheap! The natural remedies for pimples, especially homemade ones, can help us win the eternal fight against acne. Who has not happened, due to stress or for some food stench, to find yourself with a beautiful pimple on the face, maybe before an appointment or an important occasion? Do not panic! You do not need to run straight to the pharmacy or smear your face with toothpaste (an old myth to debunk !): With the natural…

  • Home remedies to bring out your best face

    Home remedies to bring out your best face

    Home remedies to bring out your best face. Getting perfect skin by investing very little and without leaving home is possible with these tricks. The faces are the part of our body that is more exposed to external factors. The sun, cold, humidity, pollution, etc. can cause alterations in our dermis and make us look much less favored. In addition, makeup and products to eliminate them can also take their toll on our skin. Resorting to high cosmetics or aesthetic medicine are often resources used by thousands of women around the world, however, achieve effective results from home, with a virtually zero environmental impact and disbursing a minimum amount of…